The Asylum Has a Change of Heart! They Now Want You to Hold Your Breath!

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A couple of days ago we broke the news that The Asylum was readying its first theatrical feature. Well, it’s still happening; only now it has a bit of a different title. That’s right, kids! Don’t Hold Your Breath has become Hold Your Breath.

Also some new casting news has come our way for the flick: Joining “30 Rock” beauty Katrina Bowden, Randy Wayne and Gerald Webb will be none other than … wait for it … wait … for … it …. ERIN MARIE HOGAN, who’s pictured below in the largest image we could possibly find of her. The star of Paranormal Entity began her career at the age of three when she constructed a stage from cardboard building blocks in her pre-school classroom and directed her classmates in a “performance.” She started her formal training when she enrolled in the Ballet Conservatory at age 5. She continued with voice, dance and theater instruction throughout her school years. As a high school student, she earned scholarships to the St. Louis Opera Theatre’s Summer Training Program and competed in many local, state and national vocal competitions with great success. She holds a degree in video production and music from Webster University in St. Louis.

Erin has appeared in several feature films, including the aforementioned Paranormal Entity and 6 Guns, and in numerous short films including Red Ink and Mistaken Love Stories, Part II. She produced and directed the short film Stiletto Kitten. She also appeared in numerous stage productions, portraying “Maria” in the Sound of Music and “Rose Smith” in Meet Me in St. Louis among others. In 2005 she appeared as “Miss Kitty” at Six Flags St. Louis and has performed at both the Fox Theatre and Powell Symphony Hall in St. Louis.

Erin was born on September 22nd, 1985, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

As per our last article:

“Are you familiar with the old wives’ tale that you should hold your breath when passing by a cemetery lest an evil spirit rejected by both heaven and hell gets inside of you when you inhale? Someone in a carload of college kids on holiday doesn’t hold his/her breath when driving by a graveyard, allowing the spirit of a recently executed serial killer to get inside him/her to begin a spree of body-jumping carnage.”

“In that regard, the title Don’t Hold Your Breath doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They should hold their breath, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if the title gets changed before its release.”

See, Foy? You talk; they listen. It’s a beautiful thing!

The Asylum Has a Change of Heart! They Now Want You to Hold Your Breath!

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • GeraldWebb

    Duke- I’m still trying to answer that question.

    Creepy- Anytime but only if my picture is bigger than Erin’s.

    • Terminal

      No one will ever be bigger than Erin Marie Hogan.

      • Vanvance1

        So you experienced her? One of those hot dog down a hallway situations?

  • Terminal

    This will forever be known as The Hogan Debacle.

    • Foywonder

      I was going to vote Hogan Knows Best.

      • Terminal

        Her fans are Hogan’s Heroes.

    • The Buz


      • Terminal

        Hogan’s fans will all attend a screening of “Hold your Breath” and at the end drink their own personal cups of magic kool aid as a sacrifice to their goddess.

  • The Duke

    Good lord, what tripe. You seriously just pulled on over on…the internet? Top notch journalism. Did The Asylum “change the title” or did you just get it wrong the first time? I’m sure this will be a typical asylum piece of shit, but at least their getting some higher quality tail on board. And who the fuck is Gerald Webb?

    • Uncle Creepy

      Nope, they changed the title, not us. Need us to do a bio on Gerald Web next? Thanks for registering just to comment on this. You guys! So playful!

      • The Duke

        Hey now, wait a minute, I’m on your side here! But seriously can’t believe you let a comment section force you to post a second article. I mean, c’mon. Rule #1 of the internet (that I just broke) is “don’t read the comments”.

        FYI, I read the first article because of Katrina Bowden. I thought surely she had better things to do than an asylum movie.

        • Foywonder

          I don’t think we let the comments section force us to write a second story. I think Creepy couldn’t help himself because we all thought the nuttiness of the previous story was hilarious. Even funnier is how we’ve not heard a peep in this thread from any of her friends and fans that came out in force for the previous story.

          No hard feelings. We’ve just become accustomed to some people signing up just to critize something we wrote.

          • The Duke

            Fair enough. I kind of feel bad for the girl though, it’s not her fault her fans are apparently retarded (all 3,200 of them according to Facebook?!) Hope you never need an interview, heh heh. No such thing as bad press though I suppose. [slinks into the shadows to lurk once again in the bowels of dread central]

    • Foywonder

      You just registered with this website in order to post this comment? Really?

      FYI, regarding our top notich journalism, the title reported in the previous article wasn’t even the original title they were going with when I first got wind of the production. Only found out the title had been changed right before writing the article. “Hold Your Breath” is now the third title they’ve gone to in a little over a week.

      Now here’s a more pertinent question. Why is it this movie is bringing out all the crazies?

  • James Coker

    to this whole ERIN MARIE HOGAN nonsense. . . ugh

  • MonsterMash

    That made my day.

  • Terminal


    • Vanvance1

      Is it true she’s offering free blowjobs to the first 50 Dread Central readers who agree her picture wasn’t photoshopped?

      • Terminal

        You dare speak ill of Erin Marie Hogan? She is the sun, the stars, and the moon.