Cuyle Carvin Fights Living Dead Soldiers from the Third Reich in Captain Battle: Legacy War

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Bringing Nazis back from the dead is all the rage these days, and the next project to tackle that theme is Captain Battle: Legacy War, starring Cuyle Carvin as the titular character. Check out the film’s synopsis, artwork, and trailer.

Captain Battle: Legacy War, based on the Golden Age comic, is directed by David Palmieri and co-stars Jenny Allford, Andrew McGuiness, Marlene Mc’Cohen, Todd James Jackson, Pete Punito, Sean Fletcher, Christopher Senger, Mindy Robinson, Abby Wathen, Scott Wright, and Julian Starks.

Sam Battle (Carvin) is injured during his tour of duty in the Gulf War. He loses an eye and is near death, but his good friend Brandon Storm, who is a scientist, injects him with a secret serum that he has been developing that will save his life. The side effects are unknown.

Sam returns home. His father has recently passed away, and it is a struggle to adjust after being in the war. Sam soon learns that the town is being overrun with Neo-Nazis. He teams up with Brandon’s sister, Jane, who is a news reporter, after which Sam discovers the side effects to Brandon’s serum: He has gained super-human strength and agility.

Brandon is kidnapped by the Neo-Nazi’s leader, The Necromancer (Allford), an Aryan sorceress, and is forced to help raise the cloned body of Heinrich Himmler (Jackson) from the dead. Now Sam must don the persona of CAPTAIN BATTLE, a crime fighting hero alter-ego that started with Sam’s grandfather, Jonathan Battle, in World War II.

Sam finds his father’s crime fighting suit. Together with Jane he must face the army of Neo-Nazi henchmen and, even worse, an army of living dead soldiers from the Third Reich. They must stop The Necromancer before she succeeds at her ultimate goal of raising the cloned corpse of Adolph Hitler!

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Cuyle Carvin Fights Living Dead Soldiers from the Third Reich in Captain Battle: Legacy War

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    So is the only reason these guys aren’t getting sued like The Asylum is because they’re releasing their movies way after the film they should be riding on is outta theaters?