China Looking to Make 2012 the Year of the Million Dollar Crocodile

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China Looking to Make 2012 the Year of the Million Dollar CrocodileTo watch the trailer for Million Dollar Crocodile, you’d swear it looks like a Chinese version of Alligator or Rogue. The producers insist it’s more of a comedic thriller. The Chinese clearly have a strange sense of humor.

Set to open June 8th in China is Million Dollar Crocodile, starring Barbie Tsu (Reign of Assassins). According to Twitch, the film deals with a vengeful bride-to-be who goes after an enormous predatory crocodile named Mao that has escaped from a wildlife reserve. Why is she after it? Because it ate her purse! Why is that such a big deal to her? Because the handbag contained 100,000 Euros.

Shouldn’t this movie be called $100,000 Crocodile because 100,000 Euros does not equate to a million dollars. Any economics majors out there that can explain if 100,000 Euros equal a million bucks in Chinese Yuans?

Anyway, she hires a pair of hunters to track and kill the croc in her desperate attempt to get her wedding cash back.

I assume wackiness and carnage ensue. I really don’t see much wackiness in this trailer.

There’s no denying that the computer generated gator actually looks pretty darn good. As for the rest of the film, we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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  • theGoldenSimatar

    Actually 100,000 Euros equals 809,160 Yuan and only $127,890 USD.

    Yeah it looks fairly serious; but it does have a wacky premise….weird.

  • aliensharkboy

    Looks like a decent creature feature!