Dinner for Fiends – The Dinner in the Woods

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Dinner for Fiends - The Dinner in the WoodsDinner is served once again. More like a buffet this time given how much we have on our plates. Over a dozen movies to digest. Email for desert. And somewhere in between we’ll learn that Matt Fini has an irrational hatred of pants.

On this edition we’ll debate the merits of The Cabin in the Woods and Dark Shadows.

We’ll discuss in depth Wrath of the Titans, Mother’s Day, The Asylum’s Air Collision, Area 407, and – somehow – the awful and thankfully obscure 1995 Denise Richards/Paul Walker sci-fi comedy Tammy & the T-Rex.

Seriously. Tammy & the T-Rex… How do we get on these tangents?

We also briefly touch upon The Hunger Games, The Raven, The Raid: Redemption, The Avengers, Lockout, and more.

Plus, we learn about Matt Fini’s aforementioned hatred of pants, Buz’s love for wearing bathrobes in public, Steve’s pendulum conundrum, and I explain why you’re only allowed to enjoy either The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises but not both.

Finishing things up is a batch of viewer mail that is only slightly more lucid than usual. Now go listen … then head on over to iTunes and give us a review, damn it!

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