DVD Release List: Desperate for Sick Bones

Behold the horrors that await you on DVD come August 29th, 2006…

49 Days on DVD (click to see it bigger!)49 Days (2006)
Directed by Kim-lun Lam

It’s not too often that a convicted killer attempts to prove his innocence by getting in contact with the spirits of those he supposedly killed, but the Chinese are a wacky bunch. Liu is sentenced to death for murdering his friends, but according to Chinese legend the souls of the dead have 49 days to wander the Earth before moving on to the afterlife, so with the help of his lawyer, Liu is out to make them tell their story before he becomes one of them! Buy it here!

The Black Pit of Dr. M on DVD (click to see it bigger!)The Black Pit of Dr. M (1958)
Directed by Fernando Mendez

Sweet, merciful madness. How I wish for its gentle embrace every day. Dr. Mazli has found it during his attempts to bridge this life to the afterlife in the hopes of contacting his former partner, Dr. Harrison Aldeman, who was executed for a crime he didn’t commit. The DVD is stacked with all sorts of goodies including a commentary by Frank Coleman, trailers, and a lot more. Buy it here!

Bone Sickness on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Bone Sickness (2004)
Directed by Brian Paulin

A girl, trying to care for her husband who is suffering from a degenerative bone disease, turns to a friend to try and find new treatment, as the bone sickness has no cure. She is given something new to try out, but the effects it has on her husband are very messy indeed. None of that is really important, however; what is important is the insane levels of gore that this film holds dearly in its rotting arms. Creepy called it “Splatterrific” in his early review. Bostaph said he was “agog” at the level of grue in his DVD review. Unearthed has seen fit to give the freshman feature a massive DVD release. I think you owe it to yourself to see what the hype is all about. Buy it here!

Brainiac on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Brainiac (1963)
Directed by Chano Urueta

No one expects the Holy Inquisition! Not even Baron Vitelius, despite his acts of necromancy, witchcraft, and overall naughtiness. So when the Inquisition burns him alive back in 1661, he vows that he will have his revenge. Sure enough, 300 years later a comet that was passing over when the Baron died returns to Earth, and the Baron returns in the form of a brain-eating monster who terrorizes the Inquisition’s descendants. Now that’s what I call revenge! Another feature-packed DVD from newcomers Casanegra Entertainment makes this disc more than worth the cost. Buy it here!

The Curse of Lizzie Borden on DVD (click to see it bigger!)The Curse of Lizzie Borden (2006)
Directed by Ford Austin

A museum in a quiet California town. A girl, susceptible to influences from beyond the grave. A job as a museum guide. Wow, what a great combination! Sure enough, shortly after taking the job, young Cassy begins to become obsessed with the infamous murderess, acting and dressing just like her. But the dreams, which consist of healthy doses of blood and death, are what lead her to believe that the recent killing of a townsperson may be due to the return of Borden’s spirit. Apparently, no one is safe until the mystery is solved. Buy it here!

Desperation on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Desperation (2006)
Directed by Mick Garris

A film that had one of the longer histories of taking its time to finally get made, the end results were broadcast on ABC as a three-hour telemovie. Sure, the King book it was based on was big and possibly warranted such a long film, but really the story would have worked better with some of the fat cut down. Still, I think Garris did a damn fine job with the movie, making some excellent casting choices along the way. Too bad he also chose to keep the whole “God is great!” element intact. For another opinion, check out Morgan’s DVD review of it right here. Needless to say, she didn’t dig it quite as much as I. Buy it here!

Let's Scare Jessica to Death on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)
Directed by John D. Hancock

The title character is a disturbed girl who has spent years in a mental institution. When she’s finally released, all she wants to do is start over and have a nice, simple life, so she moves with her husband to a small New England farmhouse. Bad move. A transient shows up at her new home and starts making her life miserable, and Jessica soon learns that she is a vampire, a former resident of the house who drowned on her wedding day, and all the town are her slaves. Or is Jessica just having another breakdown? Paramount finally gets around to releasing this creepy classic but, as usual, didn’t see fit to throw any extras on the DVD. For shame. Buy it here!

MST3K Collection Volume 10 on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 10

Is it just me or is Rhino wildly erratic when it comes to finally getting this classic show on DVD? And what the hell would be wrong with a full season box set or two, despite the sheer size of it? It’s not like the fan base wouldn’t buy the damn thing. Anyway, this collection features Joel and the bots (actually, I’m not sure if it’s just Joel or Joel and Mike on these) making fun of Godzilla vs. Megalon, Swamp Diamonds, Teen-age Strangler, and The Giant Spider Invasion. Also included are the shorts “What to Do on a Date” and “Is this Love?” Damn, I miss this show… Buy it here!

Nightmares on Blood Street on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Nightmares on Blood Street
Directed by Robert J. Massett

Apparently this is a two-disc set that features a total of three movies by Massett, the first being Phobias, which itself is two films about some of the nastier phobias that affect the human condition. I guess. The second disc contains Housebound, about an agoraphobic whose sister is forced to take care of her. One July day their friend sees that they’re both miserable, so he brings them a freshly cut pine tree with plans to celebrate Christmas in July. Unfortunately there’s something in that tree that’s a helluva lot less friendly than your average woodland creature, and it’s got a taste for human flesh. Buy it here!

Possessed on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Possessed (2002)
Directed by Billy Chung

Wow, another damn film called Possessed; it’s getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me, there’s just too many of them. This one deals with two TV show hosts who score big ratings when they show a videotape of someone exorcising demons but then run into some major issues when their viewers start being possessed as well. Suddenly the hosts get a new demon taking up residence in them, too, and only their friend is able to try and stop the evil before it goes too far. Buy it here!

Nightmares on Blood Street on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Savage Sinema From Down Under
Directed by Mark Savage

A four-DVD set of films from Aussie indie Mark Savage, this box set contains the kinds of films you’re not to find anywhere else. Defenseless is a silent film about a girl who just has some of the worst luck on the planet when she refuses to sign a development deal for beachfront property. Marauders deals with some kids that have zero sense of right and wrong. The award-winning Sensitive New Age Killer tells of a family man who’s wanted to be a vigilante killer his whole life. This collection is filled with all sorts of unusual treats for those looking for something way outside of the mainstream. Check out my DVD review of it for more info!Buy it here!

Tomie: Revenge on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Tomie: Revenge (2005)
Directed by Ataru Oikawa

Yep, they just keep making Tomie films, which is appropriate I guess for a girl who is unable to die. This story starts when a woman hits someone with her car one night. That someone is a naked girl, who quickly gets up and runs away. The driver follows the girl to a mansion, where she discovers another girl on the verge of death, whom she helps back to health. The girl survives but with no memory. And whatever happened to that naked chick? I’m sure that wacky Tomie is behind it all. Buy it here!

Trilogy of Terror on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Trilogy of Terror (1975)
Directed by Dan Curtis

The creator of the most popular Gothic vampire soap opera ever (a small category as it was also the only Gothic vampire soap opera) brings three tales of terror to the small screen with future Mother Firefly Karen Black in all three. The most popular, of course, is the one with the Zuni doll that comes to life and makes a woman’s apartment her possible casket. Dark Sky kicks ass with the DVD with features like commentary by Black and writer William F. Nolan and two featurettes. Buy it here!

Zodiac on DVD (click to see it bigger!)The Zodiac (2006)
Directed by Alexander Bulkley

No, not the David Fincher film with Jake Gyllenhall; this is an independently made feature that focuses on a chain-smoking cop (Justin Chambers) who is the first to discover the infamous Zodiac Killer, one of the most prolific and mysterious serial killers of all time, and his obsession with catching the man. His failure ruins his marriage and, ultimately, his carrer, and the killer is still not caught nor identified to this day. Check out Creepy’s DVD review of the flick for more. Buy it here!

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