Clips and Stills from Tonight’s Holliston Season Finale and Episode 2.09 of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

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Clips and Stills from Tonight's Holliston Season Finale and Episode 2.09 of Todd & the Book of Pure EvilJohn Landis, Kane Hodder, and Danielle Harris join tonight’s season finale of “Holliston” while the Crowly High School gang turn Curtis’ birthday into “deathday” on an all-new episode of “Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.” Check out a few clips and photos.

“Todd & the Book of Pure Evil” airs Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM on FEARnet, followed by “Holliston” at 10:30 PM.

“Todd & the Book of Pure Evil” Episode 2.09 – “Deathday Cake” Synopsis (5/8/12 air date):
Jenny plays peacemaker as Todd and Hannah compete to throw Curtis the ultimate birthday bash, but a killer cake hopes to celebrate Curtis’ deathday!

About “Todd & the Book of Pure Evil”:
This supernatural comedy starring Alex House, Maggie Castle, Bill Turnbull, Melanie Leishman, and Chris Leavins and featuring Jason Mewes (Mallrats, Clerks) tells the story of a small-town high school kid trying to save the world. In each episode Todd (House) and his cohorts are pitted against the dark powers of a mysterious book that grants seemingly innocuous wishes with sinister, unexpected, cataclysmic, and downright satanic side effects.

During Season 2 the Book of Pure Evil continues to feed on the needy, the desperate, the lost, and the vain. Anyone possessing the Book is unable to resist the temptation to use its power for their own teen angst-fueled desires. Our evil-fighting team will continue to protect Crowley High from the monsters the powerfully evil Book spawns, as they are the only thing standing between the Book and total world destruction.

Episode 2.09 of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

“Holliston” Episode 1.06 – “Weekend of Horrors” Synopsis (5/8/12 air date):
Adam and Joe encounter several horror icons and pretend to be disabled in order to avoid paying for a “gold pass” while attempting to hand their mock movie trailer to legendary director John Landis at the local horror convention.

About “Holliston”
Adam and Joe are two down on their luck guys living in the small New England town of Holliston, Massachusetts, and struggling to chase their dream of becoming horror movie filmmakers… all while dealing with life, their day jobs, and the opposite sex. With a cast that includes a cross-dressing sexually inappropriate boss, a mentally handicapped cat, and an imaginary friend/alien who lives in the closet, “Holliston”, starring Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Dee Snider, Corri English, Laura Ortiz, and Oderus Urungus, re-invents the traditional sit-com as we know it and breaks new (and sometimes bloody) ground.

Holliston Season Finale - Episode 1.06

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