Guillermo del Toro Talks Prometheus and its Relation to At the Mountains of Madness

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Guillermo del Toro Talks Prometheus and its Relation to At the Mountains of MadnessEveryone is uber-excited about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, including prolific filmmaker and Dread Central favorite Guillermo del Toro. As we all know, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and in this case the bad comes with an update on At the Mountains of Madness.

The man himself took to the message board on Del Toro Films to elaborate on how the films relate to one another.

“I have been interviewed about this lately and wanted to post my two cents about this:

Prometheus started filming a while ago- right at the time we were in preproduction on PACIFIC RIM. The title itself gave me pause- knowing that ALIEN was heavily influenced by Lovecraft and his novella.

This time, decades later with the budget and place Ridley Scott occupied, I assumed the greek metaphor alluded at the creation aspects of the HPL book. I believe I am right and if so, as a fan, I am delighted to see a new RS science fiction film, but this will probably mark a long pause -if not the demise- of ATMOM.

The sad part is- I have been pursuing ATMOM for over a decade now- and, well, after Hellboy II two projects I dearly loved were not brought to fruition for me.

The good part is: One project did… And I am loving it and grateful for the blessings I have received.”

Like we said … good with the bad. Stay tuned for any other developments.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Hakk Wylde

    Oh well.


  • Vanvance1

    If Prometheus is an financial success and in some way similar to a Lovecraft story then it should make financing for ITMOM much easier to get. The studios love a proven success.

  • MouthForWar

    To copy and paste a comment from another forum that I felt described this perfectly.

    I think it sounds like an excuse to give up on a project that he thinks has become a pipe-dream.

    a – a guy whose films use elements of fairy tales, and whose films are based on pre-existing ideas worrying about being called derivative is a little ironic.
    b – most people wouldn’t make the connection between a space scifi film about the origins of man and a period piece, antarctic plot dealing with an ancient civilization
    c – derivation/riffing on the ideas others have already done is basically a core part of the creative process and has given us some of the greatest films of all-time.