Exclusive Motion Comic Prequel – Humans Versus Zombies

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Sometimes it starts with a twitch here, maybe a flutter there. It can happen both instantaneously or take its sweet time. No matter what, though, when the dead rise, things get brutal! In anticipation of the May 22nd Blu-ray and DVD release of Humans Versus Zombies, we now have an exclusive motion comic for you to dig on that starts at the beginning.

When the flick hits home video, this motion comic book prequel will play at the beginning of the film and in additional will be a key bonus feature in the DVD. The comic will also be available in a limited printed format, drawn by Russell Foxx (The Immortals), and will accompany the DVD as a collector’s item.

The film was shot in Pittsburg, Texas, and stars Madison Burge (“Friday Night Lights”), Melissa Carnell (Boggy Creek, Savage County), Frederic Doss (Cut), and Chip Joslin.

The synopsis for Humans Versus Zombies, which director Brian T. Jaynes co-wrote with Devan Sagliani, follows:

Students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus, a neuroinvasive organism that is spread rapidly through direct human contact. The infected are enslaved by the invading “swarm” intelligence and driven by an insatiable appetite to consume human flesh. Returning home, the students spread the infection to their fellow classmates and other unsuspecting townspeople. One by one, more students fall victim to the plague, triggering an epidemic that spawns a horde of ravenous zombies.

The zombie horde grows and spreads quickly. Amidst the chaos a campus security guard, obsessed with conspiracy theories, leads a group of students to safety as they and a small band of uninfected townspeople set out to find other human survivors in an attempt to discover the source of the “zombie” virus and save the world.

For more info be sure to visit Humans Versus Zombies on Facebook and the official Humans Versus Zombies website.

Exclusive Motion Comic Prequel - Humans vs. Zombies

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