Sorority Row’s Jamie Chung Talks Sucker Punch

Sorority Row’s Jamie Chung Talks Sucker PunchDread Central hit the press junket for Summit Entertainment’s upcoming Sorority Row Sunday in Beverly Hills (and while spoilers are embargoed till the film’s release on September 11), we did talk with Sorority Row actress Jamie Chung regarding her upcoming role in filmmaker Zack (Dawn of the Dead remake, 300) Snyder’s feature film Sucker Punch (which is slated for a 2011 release and is currently in pre-production).

Glowing with enthusiasm, the 26-year-old actress (who essays the character of ‘Claire’ in director Stewart Hendler’s Sorority Row) told us of her role as ‘Amber’ in Sucker Punch: “I’m really excited to work with Zack. He’s the happiest person in the world! His vision - it’s insane, that the kindest person in the world can think of something so dark. It’s a crazy story, set in the 1950’s, about a girl who’s put into an insane asylum against her will by her evil step-father, and she goes into these fever dreams just to escape, but somehow the alternate reality effects her reality, just like in Alice In Wonderland.

As for the upshot, “The girls plan to escape,” said Chung, “and come up with a plan, but things go terribly wrong, and it affects her reality. It’s a great story with amazing sequences that will put 300 to shame, with an amazing female cast. It’s empowering, with machine guns!

As for the cast, which includes Vanessa (Beastly) Hudgens, Carla (Sin City) Gugino, Jena (The Ruins) Malone, and Emily (The Uninvited) Browning, Chung revealed that, “The girls have been training for twelve weeks! I came in, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god! What have I gotten myself into?’ I have the bruises to show for it. But the girls have been working so incredibly hard. I am so excited about this project. I am still pinching myself. The visuals are going to be insane!

Chung additionally promises a third act turn that will bolster the film’s title.

Visit Sorority Row online here, and stay tuned for red carpet coverage of the film's Los Angeles premiere.

- Sean D.

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It’s empowering, with machine guns!

That needs to be the movie's tagline.

Submitted by Caterpillar on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 1:21pm.

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