The Dead Will Rise Again in New Indie Flick

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More cinéma vérité-style undead mayhem is coming our way in the shape of Jordan L. Salkil’s The Dead. Read on to find some footage and try and contain the infection. Like that could ever happen!

The Dead is a first-person zombie film created by Eye Open Pictures Entertainment in the fall of 2009. With a budget of only $500, these cats we were able to amass over 200 zombies for the movie, which was all shot in their hometown of Swanton, Ohio.

No cast or victims have been named in the making of this film.

Two groups of people (a news crew and a group of friends) document the most horrific plague this country has ever seen. Days prior to the Horizex Incident, a group of friends are celebrating one of their own’s 21st birthday on October 31st, 2010. In the meantime a news report team has a lead to investigate a protesting group called P.A.S.S. in order to shut down the Horizex plant. Both groups end up finding out that there is a zombie apocalypse in their small town of Aubrey. Now the two groups must find a way to survive or end up as one of “The Dead”.

The Dead Will Rise Again in New Indie Flick

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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  • Terminal

    What, was “Zombies and Stuff” taken?

  • Cinemascribe

    And Vanvance thought “Grace” was an overused title. Yet another zombie movie is titled “The Dead”. We now have at least two zombie films (this and the creepy Ford Brothers film from about a year ago) and one drama directed by John Huston that share the same name that I can conclusively say exist… and I’m reasonably sure I’ve seen several others over the years.

    Y’know, if I ever get around to filming a low budget zombie movie, I’m gonna call it “The Not-Living” or “Zombies Fuck Shit Up “. Anything but “The Dead”. Yeah, they’re dead. We get the premise. We don’t need the same generic title regurgitated every couple of years to hammer the point home. We’re Zombiephiles. Most of us grew up nourishing our horror geek with a steady cinematic diet of Romero and Fulci. That’s why we’re bothering to watch the fucking thing in the first place. Not only is the title unoriginal, it seems to suggest that the filmmakers think we might be unaware that the film is about corpses moving about and wreaking havoc.

    Know why Fulci and Romero are such icons? Well, among a wide variety of reasons, there’s the fact that they either flat out called their movie “Zombi” or had the decency to precede the term ‘the Dead” with something memorable like “Dawn of” or “Night of the Living”. Can the new generation of horror filmmakers not aspire to loftier heights than slapping their opus with an increasingly overused title that is becoming so shopworn at this point as to have zero impact?

    “Hey, there’s a new flick coming out called the Dead.”
    “That came out a while ago.”
    “No, it says it’s being released next month.”
    “No, I remember I saw it over a decade ago. The Dead- it’s based on a poem of the same name. There was also a flick that was set in Africa a few years back.”
    “That one set in Africa was the zombie movie The Dead. This new one is a zombie movie called The Dead.”

    • Vanvance1

      That’s so bang on all I can do is sit here and applaud.