Asstastic New Piranhaconda Sales Art

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Somewhere on this latest bit of sales art there’s a Piranhaconda. Or so we’ve been told. We’re more focused on the finer assets of this incredible, bodacious, juicy, and finely formed one-sheet.

Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter star in this Jim Wynorski-directed Syfy creature feature about a half-piranha/half-anaconda monster on the loose in Hawaii.

For more, including behind-the-scenes photos which include gory victims and co-star Diane Terranova in a bikini on display, head on over to the Piranhaconda Facebook page.

Sorry, there’s no footage of the monster in action yet. But with talk of an October Syfy premiere date, expect to see a trailer for this horrific half-breed soon.

Asstastic New Piranhaconda Sales Art

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