Chronicle Takes Flight on UK DVD and Blu-ray May 28th

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Following a much-deserved surprise success in multiplexes around the globe, budding super-villains across the UK will be pleased to hear that Chronicle will be making its UK DVD and Blu-ray debut courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox on May 28th.

Blending the superhero genre with the found footage format sounded like one crazy mix, but writer Max Landis (son of An American Werewolf in London director John) and director Josh Trank have done such an outstanding job that it’s no surprise this bad boy has already been greenlit for another outing!

From the Press Release:
The breakout smash hit of the year, Chronicle, soars onto Blu-ray and DVD on May 28, 2012, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Innovative and dark, Chronicle makes for compulsive viewing as it follows high school students Matt, Steve and Andrew as they gain superpowers after investigating a mysterious apparition on a night out. Delirious with their newfound abilities of telekenises, telepathy and flight, the boys cause mischief and mayhem around Seattle while chronicling it all on camera. Things quickly start to spiral out of control, however, when Andrew begins to use his powers for personal, darker purposes…

Written by Max Landis and directed by Josh Trank, Chronicle combines found footage with stand-out performances from its young leads Dane DeHaan (“True Blood”), Alex Russell (“Almost Kings”, “Wasted on the Young”) and Michael B Jordan (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”).

Chronicle on Blu-ray includes extended material not seen in cinemas, camera tests and per-visualisation footage.

Part thriller, part sci-fi, one hundred percent unmissable – get your copy of Chronicle on Blu-ray or DVD this May.

Blu-ray special features
• Extended Edition
• Pre-viz
• Deleted Scene (Matt and Casey in the Kitchen)
• Camera Test
• Theatrical Trailer
• Soundtrack Information

DVD special features
• Pre-viz
• Camera Test
• Theatrical Trailer
• Soundtrack Information

Chronicle Takes Flight on UK DVD and Blu-ray May 28th

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