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Teaser Trailer and First Details on Mad Z Productions’ The Devil’s Nightmare



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At the recent premiere of Dave Zagorski’s Killing Brooke, Mad Z Productions debuted the teaser trailer for his next project, The Devil’s Nightmare, and we have it for you right here along with a few photos and some preliminary details of what the film is about.

From the Press Release:
A remake of Jean Brismee’s Belgian/Italian film from 1971 (not released in America until 1974 and alternately titled “La plus longue nuit du diable”, “Castle of Death”, “La terrificante notte del demonio” and “Succubus”), starring Seregon O’Dassey and Devanny Pinn.

The Devil’s Nightmare is once again written and directed by Dave Zagorski. Regular Mad Z players Johnny Donaldson, Kt Baldassaro, Colin Allen, Ray Hryb, Dina Baker, and Chris Shanahan (all encoring from Killing Brooke) return alongside newcomer Camee Manderfield in this gory tale of demonic temptation and terror. Jared Skolnick, an award-winning director in his own right (for his short H.P. Lovecraft adaptation The Music of Erich Zann), reprises cinematographer duties from Killing Brooke, shooting on the Canon EOS 7D.

The original Devil’s Nightmare centered on a group of tourists who are forced to take shelter at an old Gothic castle owned by Baron von Rhoneberg. There they are joined by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be a succubus, or a servant of the Devil. Each one of the tourists is supposed to represent one of the 7 deadly sins (but with the exception of 3, it’s hard to decipher which person represents which sin) and are killed accordingly, but about halfway through the movie that concept is seemingly abandoned.

This new version of The Devil’s Nightmare modernizes the story a bit. It now takes place at an experimental rehab clinic where Dr. Rhoneberg is attempting to cure a group of people of their vices. Among the group are a drug addict, a sex addict, an alcoholic, and an actress with an eating disorder. There is still a 7 Deadly Sins motif all the way through, but it’s a little more obvious who represented what. As with the original, they are joined by a mysterious stranger who may or may not be a succubus.

O’Dassey plays the part of Lisa, originated by Erica Blanc, and Pinn tackles the role of Satan, played in the 1971 version by Daniel Emilfork. Post-production on the film is under way with a hoped for release the end of this year.

For additional information, including a lot more images, visit The Devil’s Nightmare on Facebook.

Teaser Trailer and First Details on Mad Z Productions' The Devil's Nightmare

Teaser Trailer and First Details on Mad Z Productions' The Devil's Nightmare

Teaser Trailer and First Details on Mad Z Productions' The Devil's Nightmare

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Universal Acquires Riley Sager’s Final Girls for Film Adaptation



The “final girl” has long been a staple of the horror film genre, and lately there have been several films with just about that very same title focusing on her and/or them. Well, guess what… there’s another one coming as Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures has won a bidding battle to option rights for Final Girls, the bestselling novel from Riley Sager that hit shelves this past July.

The movie adaptation will be produced by Anonymous Content’s Nicole Clemens along with Sugar23’s Ashley Zalta and Michael Sugar as that stand-alone company continues to ramp up.

Sager’s book centers on Quincy Carpenter, who 10 years ago as a college student went on vacation to Pine Cottage with five friends and came back alone, the only survivor of a horror movie-scale massacre. In an instant, the press dubbed her a “Final Girl,” coined for the group of similar survivors.

We’ll have more for you on this as it comes.

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Trailer: Paul Solet’s Bullet Head Hits Blu-ray This January



After checking out writer-director Paul Solet’s pregnancy gone awry flick Grace a few years back, the talented filmmaker made my list of directors to watch out for.

And it is with this in mind that we’d like to share the trailer and Blu-ray/DVD release info for his newest action-survival-crime flick Bullet Head.

The movie stars Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, and Rory Culkin (Scream 4) as a group of thieves trapped in an abandoned warehouse with a vicious man-eating dog…

And Antonio Banderas?

That’ll work!

The trailer reminds me of Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe, but as we all know, that is NOT a bad thing. Throw in some crime-movie good times and this could be a sleeper hit.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below – along with a full list of special features – and then let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

The film has been rated R by the MPAA for “violence, bloody images, language, some drug use, and nudity.”

Bullet Head hits theaters December 8th, and Blu-ray/DVD January 9th, 2018.



Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Antonio Banderas and John Malkovich deliver the action in this riveting crime story about three career criminals trapped in a warehouse after a heist.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes

Filmmakers’ Commentary

A Canine Point of View: Writing and Directing BULLET HEAD

Career Criminals and Fighting Dogs: The Iconic Cast of BULLET HEAD

Preparation and Performance: The Animal Actors of BULLET HEAD

Hymns and Fanfare: The Score of BULLET HEAD

BULLET HEAD: Proof of Concept –Lionsgate


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The Dollmaker Short Film Review – Welcome to Heebie Jeebie City!



Starring Perri Lauren, Sean Meehan, Dan Berkey

Directed by Alan Lougher

The loss of a young child drives a mother to take a set of unusual measures to preserve his memory, and all it takes is one call to The Dollmaker.

When the short film by Alan Lougher opens up, we see a rather disturbing image of a little boy inside a casket, and the sound of a grieving mom speaking with an unidentified man in the background – he’s requesting something personal of the child to help “finish” his product, and it’s not before long that mom has her little boy back…well, kind of. What remains of the child is the representation of his former self, although it’s contained within the frame of a not-so-attractive doll, and the boy’s father isn’t a believer in this type of hocus-pocus (or the price to have this constructed, either). The doll comes with a specific set of instructions, but most importantly, you cannot spend more than one hour a day with the doll, or else you’ll go mad thinking that the soul inside of it is actually the person that you lost – sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Well this is just too good to be true for Mommy, and as the short film progresses, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to her mind – it’s ultimately a depressing scenario, but Lougher gives it that creepy feel, almost like visiting a relative’s home and seeing their dearly departed pet stuffed and staring at you over the fireplace – HEEBIE-JEEBIE CITY, if you ask me. All in all, the quickie is gloomy, but ultimately chilling in nature, and is most definitely worth a watch, and if I might use a quote from one of my favorite films to apply to this subject matter: “Sometimes…dead is better.”

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Ultimately chilling in nature!

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