BioGamer Girl Magazine Brings the Horror Goods for Kids of All Ages

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The spring 2012 issue of BioGamer Girl Magazine is out now, and you can find all kinds of great horror and gaming content within its pages including reviews of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Neverdead, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill Downpour.

There is also plenty of other content that covers gaming, horror and women in the genres of gaming and horror. In fact, BioGamer Girl released their first ever music video to coincide and help promote the release of the newest issue of the magazine. Be warned, it’s extremely kid friendly and may result in a bout of cuteness overload for the rest of the day. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The BioGamer Girl music video stars BGG CEO Amanda Dyar and her two children–Seth Worley and Alissa Worley. A little known fact about the company is that it was founded, in part, on these two young children’s hobbies and talents. Seth Worley has always had a deep passion for gaming since around the time he was able to walk, and Alissa Worley loves writing and is already a published author from the age of 9!

Dyar founded BioGamer Girl so her and her two children could turn their dreams into a career. That’s right; Amanda is a mother that actually encourages her kids to play video games! Both Seth and Alissa have been important staff members for BioGamer Girl Magazine since the first issue in which Seth introduced us to the man behind some of the best horror movie cosplay costumes around, Jeff “Wickedbeard” Cochran, and Alissa interviewed The Walking Dead‘s own Addy Miller and Chandler Riggs. The two young writers have continued their contributions to the company and are a vital reason for its success. Alissa has even managed to continue her success from her work with BioGamer Girl to create her own blog and website called My Rainbow Dreams which she operates and writes for herself.

In addition to starring in the BioGamer Girl music video together, the family has also starred together in numerous shorts and films from BGG Productions including Field of Games which was also written by Alissa Worley and Seth Worley.

Their first film together was the horror short, Growing Up Zombie! , where the family documented what it would be like living in a world overran by the undead. The concept for both of these films was also originated by these two creative personalities.

With many acting and writing credits already under their belts, Alissa and Seth definitely have bright futures ahead, and it just goes to show that, with the support of a loving and caring family, listening to yourself and following your dreams is far more important than allowing society to turn you into what you were never meant to be.

For more information on the company and to purchase your copy of the spring 2012 issue of BioGamer Girl Magazine, check out the official BioGamer Girl website.

BioGamer Girl Magazine Brings the Horror Goods for Kids of All Ages

BioGamer Girl Magazine Brings the Horror Goods for Kids of All Ages

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