Zombie Apocalypse? … Yeah,There’s An App For That

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Let’s be honest with each other. When the shit hits the fan, you’re not going to be ready for a zombie apocalypse. In actuality, moments before hearing of the impending danger the average guy probably had just rubbed one out in an old sock. We’re not prepared to face the hordes … but we’ve got technology!

Why is it that everything that ends in … of the Dead kicks so much ass? Map of the Dead is an online digital service created by Doejo that utilizes Google Map technology to help you locate useful locations during the swarm of undead hordes … like gun stores, supermarkets and radio towers. No word yet if liquor stores are on there or not, but if they’ve been omitted, we can always petition for the change in Map of the Dead version 2.

The Doejo designer behind the project, Jeff Merrick said “All the data’s through Google. First, I used the places API. They have pre-set place types for things like hospitals and campgrounds. The second method is through keyword searches for things they don’t have categories for, like gun stores.”

The map even highlights places to avoid, like police stations or hospitals … places that might become quickly overwhelmed with the undead. Thanks for thinking ahead Doejo! The map is even color-coded to show which areas will be safer. “If it’s marked as a man-made structure it’s red,” says Merrick. “I’m not sure how they actually define that. It just looks cool. That also results in some weirdness in Alaska. If you look at the lower part of Alaska, it’s a big red area.”

Once again, the wonders of modern technology step up and provide us with the answers. Oh sweet, sweet technology. We love you so! Head over to MapoftheDead.com and scope out your general area. Be prepared!

Zombie Apocalypse? ... Yeah,There's An App For That

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