Amazon Studios Dabbling in Horror; Reveals New Plans For Submitted Scripts

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Amazon Studios Dabbling in Horror; Reveals New Plans For Submitted ScriptsI love Amazon, I really do. I order a huge chunk of my movies through them, I love my Kindle and Kindle Fires and I just set up their streaming on my PS3. But they’re starting to scare me with what can only be called their quest for world domination. Keep reading for the skinny.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios has unveiled their slate of upcoming movie productions – with a healthy amount of genre-related material included:

Origin Of A Species:

An ex-cop faces the greatest obstacle of his life after his three German Shepherds are infected with rabies and terrorize a small, Midwestern community. His estranged wife feeds her sexual desire for one of her students, even as fear grips the town and the body count rises.

Darkest Before Dawn:

A renegade group of corrupt cops attempt to curb crime by employing a bloodthirsty vampire, but when the creature turns on his captors, all hell breaks loose.

Touching Blue:

A teenage girl with the power to track people by things they held – and who gets burned if people touch her – is pulled into the hunt for a serial killer who is targeting people like her.

ZvG: Zombies Vs Gladiators:

In ancient Rome, a team of gladiators must fight its most vicious opponent ever… Zombies. As the outbreak spreads and the creatures run wild, it’s up to our heroes to save the city.

Blackburn Burrow:

Just before the Civil War engulfs the South, a nameless man with a mysterious past fights to save a young girl from the supernatural horrors infesting a small Appalachian town in Northern Georgia.

Children of Others:

Skylar is thrilled to finally be pregnant— until she discovers her unborn baby is not entirely human. Pursued by a government agents, she races to discover whether the child she carries is the first wave of an alien invasion or the key to humanity’s salvation.

In addition, Amazon Studios will evaluate original scripts within a 45 day window after they’re submitted. According to Deadline, they will “pay up to $10,000 to extend its initial option for 18 months and add the project to the Development Slate. Writers of rejected scripts can choose to have them posted so others can critique them. Here are some of the other rules and conditions. Amazon announced its movie-making plans, and an output deal with Warner Bros, in 2010. The company says that since then it has featured 700 test movies and 7,000 scripts, and awarded more than $1.9M. But some Hollywood writers warned aspiring screenwriters that the program could restrict their copyright and authorship rights.”

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