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If you missed out on any of the episodes of Wolfpack of Reseda, fret not, oh horror loving one! You can dig on the whole enchilada right now! You just have to head over to that wasteland of “Check out my band” requests known as MySpace.

From the Press Release:
WOLFPACK OF RESEDA, a new original, scripted web series produced by Fox Digital Entertainment (FDE), premiered on MySpace on February 16. Produced in conjunction with Kia Motors America (KMA) – one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the U.S. – the series sees Ben March’s mundane, 20-something life transform when he becomes convinced he’s been bitten by a werewolf in the suburban Los Angeles sprawl of Reseda.

Mixing elements of workplace comedy with the conventions of horror, WOLFPACK is a unique take on office life, the supernatural, and “winning.” After forming his own “wolfpack” and becoming the alpha dog of Reseda, Ben’s moon is on the rise, but will it turn him irreversibly into the beast that will raise Hell in the Valley?

WOLFPACK’s first season of eight episodes debuted weekly on MySpace starting February 16, and the series will also be available through a variety of digital stores.

WOLFPACK is produced by Fox Digital Entertainment, a division of 20th Century Fox that is dedicated to creating new and innovative content for emerging distribution channels.

“WOLFPACK exemplifies the kind of storytelling and distribution that is ideal for the current digital media landscape,” said Matt Glotzer, senior vice president, Fox Digital Entertainment. “We are very excited to be working closely with Kia and MySpace to bring this original and darkly hilarious story to a broad audience on a wide variety of platforms.”

In addition to serving as the exclusive, ad-supported distributor of the show, MySpace will promote WOLFPACK through various channels throughout its leading content sharing ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Fox Digital Entertainment and Kia on the debut of WOLFPACK; the first in a new and growing slate of must-watch programming on MySpace,” said Roger Mincheff, the new president of MySpace Entertainment. “The great up-and-coming talent behind WOLFPACK is the perfect complement to the MySpace platform, where compelling, original content will be a point of distinction.”

As the exclusive brand partner of WOLFPACK, Kia Motors will utilize product placement and other advertising inventory to promote the award-winning Soul urban passenger vehicle.

“Kia has always embraced new entertainment platforms and properties in the constantly changing media landscape, and in working with Ensemble to partner with Fox Digital Entertainment and MySpace, WOLFPACK OF RESEDA provides a unique outlet to share the innovative design, technology and fun-to-drive performance of vehicles such as our wildly popular Soul to entirely new audiences,” said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing & communications, KMA.

Ben March hates his life. The torture of listening to motivational speeches from the slimy head salesman at work, the depressing apartment and foul smells of his Animal Control officer roommate at home, and – most of all – the crappy car that shuttles him between the two. There seems to be no escape from his suburban despair until one night he is bitten by a mysterious creature in the woods. Could he now be a werewolf?

Suddenly he has the instincts of an alpha dog. For the first time he pushes aside the mundane to do what he really wants with his life. Forming his own “wolfpack,” Ben makes his lair in Reseda, and has the run of the Valley. But soon the threat of the murderous beast within him begins to rear its ugly head.

We have the first episode right here; to keep watching, click on the image below it.

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