Defcon 2012 Filmmakers Predict Domination by December

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The 2010 film Defcon 2012 has suddenly experienced a bit of a rise in popularity due to its subject matter and the coming 2012 end-of-the-world prophecy. Check out what producers of the film had to say and see the … unique … trailer.

You certainly have to give this group points for exuberance. Read the press release below … actually, watch the trailer first, then read the press release below. After that all you can do is sit back and watch Defcon 2012 take over the world. Give them a like on the official Defcon 2012 Facebook page and maybe they’ll spare your life when they rule with an iron fist!

From the Press Release
Producer Carolina Ford Lichtenstein and Brian Shotwell’s micro-budget and experimental science fiction film Defcon 2012 has become a smash international hit because of foreign distribution and sales. The story about a film director, his cast and crew vanishing on the eve of Armageddon has become a cult classic as it continues to climb the MOVIEmeter on IMDb.com, the standard of a film’s popularity for any given week. For the week of March 26th, the film stands at an astonishing #205.

For comparison, the same week Avatar is #133, Star Wars is #265, and Blade Runner is #275. Most surprising of all comparisons is that 2012, staring John Cusack with a budget of $200,000,000, is at #380. For an upstart indie film production to be 175 films ahead in terms of popularity of a studio blockbuster with a similar theme is nearly unimaginable.

Selling modestly well on Blockbuster in the US, the cryptic story has caught hold of foreign audiences’ taste for novelty, with snowballing buzz abroad in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Indonesia, Kuwait, Australia, and England. In Japan, where the film is still not available, the film is briskly selling pre-order copies on sites with no poster image for upwards of $50. One of the lead actors, Xu Razer, said “we are still eight and a half months away from the peak of public interest in the movie’s subject, the Mayan prophecy of Armageddon on Dec 21, 2012. It seems extremely likely to me that we will become the #1 movie in the world by the second week of December if we are so high on the charts this far out.”


Producers Carolina Ford Lichtenstein, granddaughter of legendary director John Ford (The Searchers, The Grapes of Wrath) and Brian Shotwell filmed with director R. Christian Anderson in a formerly glorious but now long closed and boarded-up luxury shopping mall in downtown Palm Springs, which was decrepit enough to stand in as a post-apocalyptic distopia. Upon completion, the film was seen at Cannes Film Festival’s Le Marché du Film. A short time later it won Best Science-Fiction Feature Film at the New York International Independent Film Festival last year.

Defcon 2012 Filmmakers Predict Domination by December

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