New Tartan Horrors

Tartan will release The Matrimony on January 15th Tartan just send out the good news that December and January will have a brand-new selection of Asian Extreme entries, check it out…

First up, being released on Christmas Day, is the Thai film P, which is not a prequel to the upcoming parking garage horror movie P2. Instead, it’s the tale of a girl forced to be an exotic dancer for money who becomes more and more evil the better she gets at dancing.

Then on January 15th comes The Matrimony (review, pictured), the first Chinese horror film. It concerns a film editor whose life is ruined when his girlfriend is killed, and how a new woman he is forced to marry (it’s set in the 1930’s) falls in love with him. She’s contacted by the ghost of his late girlfriend who becomes more and more jealous the closer the two get.

Finally on January 29th is 1942, about a troop of soldiers attempting to escape the jungles of Fujii who become horrendously lost and realize all the pictures they’ve taken are of ghostly images.

Keep it here for DVD art and spec details as they come in!

Johnny Butane

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