New Behind-the-Scenes Images - Halloween II

Just when you thought a day would pass without something from H2 -- three new stills from Rob Zombie's highly anticipated sequel have surfaced!

The images appeared as per usual on Zombie's MySpace page. Dig on 'em below, and look for Halloween II in theatres on August 28th!

New Behind-the-Scenes Images - Halloween II

New Behind-the-Scenes Images - Halloween II

New Behind-the-Scenes Images - Halloween II

- Uncle Creepy

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Cartoon Autopsy's picture

At least they aren't leaning on a cop car.

Submitted by Cartoon Autopsy on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 9:19pm.
MagusMaleficus's picture

What the hell happened to Dourif? Was his hair that gray in the first flick?

Submitted by MagusMaleficus on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 8:25pm.
xy marla's picture

Once the movie comes out, I wonder if there's going to be a single moment of celluloid Zombie hasn't already pimped to us?

check it! www.dannyisnthere.com

Submitted by xy marla on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 6:28pm.
Vermithrax's picture

I thought Brad was Romero for a quick second there.

BTW. What is up with Rob's obsession with wrap around mustaches?

Submitted by Vermithrax on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 5:00pm.
moderator "What is up with Rob's
Steve Barton's picture

"What is up with Rob's obsession with wrap around mustaches?"

If you look closely even Scout has one!

Submitted by Steve Barton on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 7:40pm.
Kyle Reese's picture

Hahaha, I love how he rocks his own bands' shirt...you just don't seem humbleness like that anymore.


Submitted by Kyle Reese on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 4:14pm.

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