Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Roxy Vandiver

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We’re running a bit late, but in honor of Indie Horror Month our March Texas Frightmaker is someone deeply embedded in the indie horror scene, scream queen Roxy Vandiver. In a short time Roxy has established a reputation as one of the next generation of gorgeous screamers in films like Sweatshop, Spirit Camp, and Killer School Girls from Outer Space.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Roxy Vandiver

Mr. Dark: Since some of our readers might not be aware of you, who the hell are ya?

Roxy Vandiver: I’m Roxy Vandiver, Best Actress winner at both the City of Death Film Festival and the Splatterfest Film Festival. I’ve been in about a dozen or so films, and I’m also the life of every party!

MD: A lot of scream queens wind up in that role. You’re aiming for it intentionally. Why?

RV: I wasn’t originally aiming for the title of “Scream Queen”; I just happen to live in a place where a lot of horror films get made. I am proud to be considered a scream queen, though. Hell, I’m happy and proud to make films at all. It’s the best job in the world.

MD: What scream queens of the past inspire and influence you?

RV: Well, it seems obvious to say Jamie Lee Curtis because she is THE original scream queen, but I’m so different from her. I have such a different look, and the characters I play are hardly “The Virgin”. I’m a scream queen for a different generation.

MD: You’ve been a cheerleader, a raver, and an evil queen. How do you choose your roles, or do they choose you?

RV: I think they choose me more often than not. I have a very unique look and style, and I realize it doesn’t work for every character that comes along, though I have also played against type several times. I’ve played a loving mother, a sweet teenager, an uptight exorcist, and a cutesy carhop.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Roxy Vandiver

MD: You also do a great deal of modeling, some of which can be seen at the official Roxy Vandiver website (which is frequently NSFW). Which do you prefer, modeling or acting?

RV: Modeling is great because it’s faster gratification. You do a shoot and then you get the photos. With film you have to wait much longer to see the finished product. Acting is my first and truest love though. I didn’t start modeling until after I became an actress.

MD: You’re a Texas girl, but your career is on the silver screen. Why stay in Texas?

RV: I once asked a wise friend, “How do you know when it’s time to go to Los Angeles?” He replied, “When someone asks you to.” I’ve seen a lot of friends try to do the L.A. thing, fall flat on their face, and come back in less than a year. I’ll know when the time is right. As of right now I’m a big fish in a small pond, and I like it that way.

MD: My traditional last question: What’s your favorite horror movie?

RV: Since I saw it in theatres before I was even a teenager, my favorite film of all time, horror or otherwise, has been Interview with the Vampire.

Thanks, Roxy! Look for Roxy next in The Haunted Trailer, which is now in post-production, and keep an eye on her Facebook page and official website for plenty of eye candy of this blood-soaked cutie!

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Roxy Vandiver

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