DVD Release List: June 16, 2009: Nobody Born Should Miss Friday the 13th

It's a bumper crop of DVD releases this week, but the cream is definitely the Friday the 13th blow-out and Ghostbusters on Blu-ray. Even so, there are several other interesting sounding offerings as well, so dive in and do some shopping!

- Debi Moore

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Didn't See It Coming's picture

I learned my lesson from buying the Friday 2 and 3 DVDs. I'm waiting for the Bluray release of The Final Chapter.

Submitted by Didn't See It Coming on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 8:21pm.
fceurich39's picture

ghostbusters the video game for the 360 nuff said

Submitted by fceurich39 on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 4:27pm.
JohnnyHorror30's picture

Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray..nuff said!

I Am What I Say I Am Rated R [JohnnyHorror]

Submitted by JohnnyHorror30 on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 4:13pm.

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