Romero to Open Dead Diary?

I had heard some rumblings about this, but nothing too solid was coming forth from pretty much any source until now. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that George A. Romero will be writing and directing Diary of the Dead, a new zombie film that takes a bit of a different path than his previous four Dead films… and I’m not too sure I’m happy about it.

Diary is said to follow a group of college students shooting a horror film in the woods, when they stumble up on a real zombie uprising. Deciding to capture the moment to make the most of their opportunity turns out to be a bigger pain in the ass (and the neck and arms and torso…) than the usual indie film faces.

Long-time producing partner Peter Grunwald, who in the past help make Monkey Shines, Bruiser, and most recently Land of the Dead realities, has joined George to independently finance the film, which will be made outside of the Hollywood system. Recent talks of George directing Solitary Isle were a tad overblown from what we found out, as Romero had apparently never signed anything, so we’ll even have to take this one with a grain of salt until we can hear from the man himself.

Johnny Butane

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