Home: The Horror Story Hits iTunes, Right-Wingers Prepare to be Offended … Again

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Not being a political site, we don’t delve much into that polarizing subject. But when we find out about a horror film wrapped in political satire, well, then you’re speaking our language.

Word is the newly re-mastered film Home: The Horror Story is sure to get under the Right-Wing’s notoriously thin skin.

Home: The Horror Story is directed by Temístocles López. If you’re interested in cheesing off the Right-Wingers, check out the trailer and the info below. If you like what you see, you can purchase Home: The Horror Story on iTunes . But you’ll probably go to Hell for buying it. Just so you know.

From the Press Release
The newly re-mastered indie black comedy Home: The Horror Story, starring Grace Zabriskie (“Big Love”) and Richard Beymer (West Side Story), released this week on iTunes threatens to offend and inflame Right-Wing types, particularly in an election year. The film chronicles the bizarre journey of Bob Parkinson, the ultra-conservative patriarch of a suburban Orange County, California, family whose inner demons come back to haunt him. A wickedly sardonic look at family values and the Catholic Church, Home is the ultimate satire on Liberal vs. Conservative ideals and attitudes.

The film takes on such far-reaching issues as homophobia, prejudice, racism, pedophilia, pederast priests, incest, bigotry, coming out, bullying, kidnapping, rape, masturbation, interracial sex, juvenile demonic possession, the Second Amendment and murder.

Protagonist Bob (Richard Beymer) fancies himself a nice, normal upper-middle class Republican. But after a car accident and resulting brain operation, his latent prejudices turn into vivid experiences in his own home, turning his life into an increasingly horrifying nightmare, which eventually prompts a personal transformation. Laced with biting black humor, Home actually has a light heart at its center, taking viewers on a surreal journey into the collective subconscious while making a disturbing and incisive social commentary that reflects society’s conflictive soul.

“Our hope is that the iTunes release of Home will shine a comedic spotlight on the Right-Wing’s hypocritical rhetoric and their so-called ‘family values’ platform,” said producer Dick Weaver. “We made Home to poke fun at the Republican Party of yore…clearly, not much has changed. It’s as salient today as ever! With the 2012 Republican candidates dishing out their same ol’ God, anti-gay this, don’t-cut-the-military that, Home is the perfect antidote to all that silliness. Now let’s see if they have a sense of humor. In any case, get yourself a proper cocktail and laugh.”

Home: The Horror Story follows Venezuelan writer/director Temi Lopez’s cult classic Chain of Desire (October Films). “We call Home a Dadaist comedy,” Lopez said, “because, like Dada, the film attacks preconceived values and uses shock to subvert all conventions. It also forgoes a traditional narrative and uses absurdist humor and surreal imagery to find a coherence of its own. Like an antiwar movie that must show the horrors of war to make its point, Home portrays the horrors of prejudice from the protagonist’s point of view in order to convey its anti-reactionary message. Home probes our collective subconscious to reflect issues like racism and homophobia that our contemporary culture pretends to have resolved. The key, of course, is grab the audience with thought-provoking irony. And in the end, it becomes an uplifting call for transformation and acceptance.”

Home: The Horror Story Hits iTunes, Right Wingers Prepare to be Offended ... Again

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  • ShadowGryphon

    “the Right-Wing’s notoriously thin skin.”
    Does that include the Conservatives that are members of this site?

    • Uncle Creepy

      On this site we’re all one gigantic, loveable, fucked up family – Gay, straight, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, vulcan, jedi, sasquatch, nessie, ghost, poltergeist … who gives a shit?