Indie Horror Month Announcement: Dread Central to Host One Day Screening of Justin Russell’s The Sleeper This Friday

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80’s slasher fans, take note- you are not going to want to miss out on what we’ve got cooking for you this upcoming Friday! Read on for all the info you’re gonna want to know!

On March 23rd, Dread Central will be hosting a one-day only online screening of Justin Russell’s awesome throwback horror film The Sleeper as part of our Indie Horror Month celebration, and on Friday only you’ll be able to settle in and check out his sorority slasher tale for yourself in its entirety for FREE.

For those of you who may not have heard of The Sleeper, the story travels back to the year 1981 and follows the sorority girls of Alpha Gamma Theta, who are hosting a party for new pledges. As the new pledges arrive, so does an uninvited guest, and little do the sisters know that someone is watching their every move from the shadows.

As the girls go on with their lives, the ‘Sleeper’ continues to study them, and soon, one by one, he finds the girls at their most vulnerable and murders them. Can the ‘Sleeper’ be stopped before there’s no sorority left to pledge?

Make sure to check back here on Friday for your chance to watch The Sleeper right here on Dread Central for one day only – you won’t want to miss this, fiends!


Indie Horror Month Announcement: Dread Central to Host One Day Screening of Justin Russell's The Sleeper This Friday

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  1. Did this movie work for everyone?

    I tried to watch it, but the sound was about 5 seconds ahead of the film. I reloaded it several times and it kept doing the same shit so I couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes without shutting it off.

    Sucks, I really wanted to see this.

        • We’re almost ready. The video will be posted in a second story (Not this story) that will be stickied at the top of the site until tomorrow.

  2. FUCK YES THANK YOU SOOO MUCH GUYS, I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS, I never thought I would be able to see this because Netflix doesnt even recognize it

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