Smith Talks Horror Again

Yet more from Kevin Smith on his proposed horror film showed up over on Aussie site Moviehole today, as Smith was just in the Land Down Under to promote Clerks 2. One of Moviehole’s reporters was in attendance for Smith’s appearance, where he was, of course, barraged with inquires about the horror film he plans to make next.

“I’ve made seven comedies, or variation thereof, and some people would argue that none of them are funny,” he told the crowd. “But it would be nice to make a horror movie. An intentional horror movie, not like Jersey Girl. [much laughter]. It’s a genre that I grew up watching on VHS and on cable when I was a kid.”

As for an idea of what it will be about, Smith said he’s not seen his concept done anywhere else before, so we don’t have to worry about something along the lines of another Hills Have Eyes copy. In fact, Smith said he’s aiming for a more creepy film than a gore-fest: “Remember that movie Race With The Devil?” he asked. “It’s more kind of in that vein. Or Wicker Man. Something in that vein where it’s creepy and unsettling more than gore.”

Nice. Now it’s just a matter of if he can pull it off and what the hell it’ll be called, of course… Would be nice to have a title there, Kev. For now we shall christen it Untitled Kevin Smith Horror and wait for further developments!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane