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Radio 66.6 – Weekly Music News from the Crypt: March 12th, 2012



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Radio 66.6 - Weekly Music News from the Crypt: March 12th, 2012We’re back with the latest installment of Radio 66.6! This week features news, music, videos, tour dates and more from the likes of Metallica, Emmure, Meshuggah, The Devil Wears Prada, DragonForce, Lacuna Coil, Woe Is Me, Anti-Flag, Trophy Scars and more. Don’t touch that dial!

Metallica are developing a 3D movie, which is described as “a marriage of narrative and concert.” Nimród Antal, director of the recent Predators, has signed on to helm the film, with Charlotte Huggins (Journey to the Center of the Earth) producing. Shooting begins in August with the aim for a summer 2013 release.

Woe, Is Me have gone through a significant line-up change. Vocalist Michael Bohn, bassist Cory Ferris and keyboardist/vocalist Ben Ferris have left the group. Brian Medley and Doriano Magliano from That’s Outrageous will be filling in on the band’s upcoming tour. Read a brief statement form the band here.

Century Media Records has signed Grand Supreme Blood Court. The Dutch death metal/doom band features former and current members of Asphyx. Their debut album is expected to drop in the fall.

Of Mice & Men have entered the studio to began tracking new material. This will be the metalcore band’s third album.

Century Media Records has signed Morbus Chron. The Swedish death metal band is described as a mix between Autopsy and Carnage. The band is working on an EP to be released this summer.

If you have piles of money laying around, you can bid on Melvins‘s old tour band, which features hand-drawn artwork by Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain.

Trophy Scars‘ 2006 album, Alphabet. Alphabets., is being released on vinyl for the first time ever. The pressing is limited to 500 copies; 400 on white and 100 on white with blue splatter with a special poster and letter from the band. Orders go live on Tuesday, March 13th at 5pm EST from Simply Legendary Records.

Spineshank have reunited after a six year hiatus and signed with Century Media Records. The band will release a new album entitled Anger Denial Acceptance on June 19.

Miss May I will release a new album, At Heart, on May 29 via Rise Records. This is the metalcore band’s third effort.

Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs has a new side project called Trioscapes. The group’s debut album will be released on May 8 via Metal Blade Records.

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider will release a Broadway covers album entitled Dee Does Broadway on May 8 via Razor & Tie. The effort features guest appearance from Cyndi Lauper, Clay Aiken and more. Snider’s autobiography, Shut Up and Give Me The Mic, will also be released on May 8.

Stream Anti-Flag‘s new album, General Strike, here. The political punk band’s ninth album comes out on March 20 via SideOneDummy Records.

Listen to a new Emmure song entitled “Protoman” here. The band’s fifth album, Slave to the Game, will be released on April 10 via Victory Records.

Listen to a new Recon song entitled “Sniper’s Day Parade” here. The band features Most Precious Blood vocalist Rob Fusco and Emmure guitarist Mike Mulholland. Their new EP, Hell, is out now.

Listen to a new Mychildren Mybride song entitled “Dreamcatchers” here. The band’s self-titled third album is out this week on Solid State Records.

Listen to a new Death by Stereo song entitled “WTF Is Going On Around Here?” here. The hardcore/punk band will release their sixth album, Black Sheep of the American Dream, on April 2 via Viking Funeral Records.

Listen to a new I See Stars song entitled “Electric Forest” featuring Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday here. The electronic metalcore band’s new album, Digital Renegade is out this week via Sumerian records.

Download Hawthorne Heights‘ latest EP, Hate, for free here. The post-hardcore band self-released the effort last year and are currently working on a follow-up.

Watch a video teaser for Jeff Loomis‘ new album, Plains of Oblivion, here. You can watch a guitar playthrough for the song “The Ultimatum” here. The former Nevermore guitarist’s latest effort will be released on April 10 via Century Media Records.

Watch Jungle Rot‘s music video for “Blood Ties” here. The song comes from the death metal band’s latest effort, Kill on Command.

Watch Cancer Bats‘ music video for “Road Sick” here. This is the second single from the band’s upcoming album, Dead Set On Living, which comes out on April 24 via Metal Blade Records.

Watch a lyric video for Lionheart‘s “From Nothing” here. The hardcore band’s new album, Undisputed, will be released on April 24 via Mediaskare Records. If you can’t wait for the next Hatebreed album, this band ought to tide you over.

Watch Impending Doom‘s music video for “Murderer” here. Unfortunately, there is no murder to be found. The track appears on the deathcore group’s fourth album, Baptized In Filth, which comes out this week.

Watch a trailer for Tesseract‘s upcoming Perspective EP, featuring clips from the effort, here. The acoustic release marks the first material with new vocalist Elliot Coleman. It’s due out on May 22 via Century Media Records.

Watch The Devil Wears Prada‘s music video for “Vengeance” here. The footage, filmed during the Worcester, MA stop of the Dead Throne Tour, is from the band’s upcoming live CD/DVD.

Watch a lyric video for Meshuggah‘s “Do Not Look Down” here. The Swedish metal band’s seventh album, Koloss, hits stores on March 27 via Nuclear Blast.

Watch a video featuring a heavy metal cover of Def Leppard‘s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – cleverly titled “Pour Some Meshuggah On Me” – here.

Speaking of Meshuggah, watch a funny video that lays out the formula to getting signed to Rise Records (home of Attack Attack, Of Mice & Men, Dance Gavin Dance, etc.) by a band called Galactic Pegasus here.

Touche Amore, Defeater, Code Orange Kids and Birds In Row will be touring together in April. Dates can be found here.

DragonForce will be headlining a U.S. tour with support from Holy Grail and Huntress. Dates can be found here.

Lacuna Coil are gearing up for the Dark Legacy tour, their only headlining run of the year. They will perform a 2+ hour set that spans all of their albums. The first batch of dates can be found here.

P.O.D. will head out on their first U.S. tour of the year beginning in April. Dates can be found here.

This week’s additions to the Warped Tour include Wick-it the Instigator and the Acoustic Basement stage. Full details on the annual summer trek can be found here.

Be sure to check back every Monday for the latest music news!

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Los Angeles Overnight – Do Us a Favor and Watch This Exclusive Clip



Weird. That’s exactly what this exclusive clip from the indie flick Los Angeles Overnight is, and we’re ready to share every pixel of it with ya! Why? Because we like weird. A lot.

The directorial debut of filmmaker Michael Chrisoulakis will launch a limited national, theatrical release on March 9, followed by a digital release through Freestyle Digital Media on March 20.

Inspired by the L.A. Modern Noir genre and populated with distinct and dynamic characters, Arielle Brachfeld (Consumption) stars as Priscilla, a struggling actress who inherits a bevy of colorful villains after desperation drives her and her gullible boyfriend, a lovelorn mechanic (Azim Rizk, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk), to steal big from the Los Angeles underworld.

No amount of preparation could ever prepare this actress for a blood-soaked role filled with seedy criminals and “hot loot.” Entirely shot in Los Angeles, the cast is appropriately peppered with titans of the Hollywood scene including Peter Bogdanovich, Sally Kirkland, and recent CineAsia Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Lin Shaye.


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Insidious Composer Joseph Bishara’s Score for The Worthy Being Released Tomorrow



Tomorrow will see the digital release of the original soundtrack for The Worthy, a post-apocalyptic thriller that was one of the largest Arabic genre film productions in the Middle East. Featuring music by Joseph Bishara (Insidious, The Conjuring), the album will be released via the composer’s label, void recordings. Pre-orders are already open on Bandcamp.

Bishara explains, “Going into this, it was clear that [director] Ali [Mostafa] didn’t want a necessarily Middle Eastern sound though the film is of the region. He described it as taking place in a world after extremism, a relatable and possibly devastating scenario.

The composer adds, “Thematically the film deals with personalities that emerge through orchestrated chaos and how various types handle danger and adversity. There is a clear path for the hero to rise out of the situation, and his musical journey was worked backwards starting with the final scene, then deconstructing into the earlier setup.

The Worthy was directed by Ali F. Mostafa and written by Vikram Weet. It stars Ali Suliman, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Mahmoud Al Atrash, Samer Ismail, and Habib Ghuloom.


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Zena’s Period Blood: The Lure of it All



It can be difficult finding horror films of quality, so allow me to welcome you to your salvation from frustration. “Zena’s Period Blood” is here to guide you to the horror films that will make you say, “This is a good horror. Point blank. PERIOD.”

“Zena’s Period Blood” focuses on under-appreciated and hidden horror films.

The LureAll right, guys. Sorry that this review will get personal, but this is ultimately my love letter to director Agnieszka Smoczynska for her expert filmmaking. You may come across verbiage that is inappropriate and may get me fired, but I know no other way to write about this film. The Lure is a freaking horror musical with way too much good bait not to be caught by it. See what I did there? Well, expect more of my fangirling because that’s all you will get.

Even the beginning credits, hovering ghostly over an illustrated intro, uncover a glimpse of the enchantment of mermaids in a lagoon crowded with their leftovers, which we witness are human skeletons. At the end of this magnificent, almost museum-like exhibition, you see the hands and kiss of a mermaid luring another human into the water. Here, you understand your uselessness in warning future humans of this alluring peril.

The live action begins at night with three members of a cabaret band singing on a beach. Instantly, you see what dilemmas will occur as soon as two pairs of eyes emerge from under the sea. Silver (Marta Mazurek) appears first, a blonde mermaid with eyes of astonishment and love for the form and voice of the shore-fixed human boy Mietek (Jakub Gierszal). Golden (Michalina Olsanska) emerges second, eyes of animalistic hunger that she uses to lure her victims before feeding. At this point, you could pause the film and deduce the conflict you will endure: Silver wants to be with Boy; Golden wants to eat humans; Boy sees new, hot girl. But trust me… play the movie and never pause it again.

The Lure excels at giving you its own history, anatomy, and peculiarities of a mermaid. It does it in such a stylish way through camera movement, reasonable curiosity, and attractive scores. Even at the moment we discovered that mermaids in human form don’t have vaginas or buttholes, I felt that I was in the room with everyone else with an interested but let’s move on look. All of these delightful oddities happened under splashes of effervescent colors reminiscent of Dario Argento’s 1980 classic Inferno. Smoczynska seamlessly blends the old and the new.

And it’s all horror. I specifically remember when Zygmunt, the nightclub manager, asked the mermaids where they learned to speak Polish. They answered, “The beaches of Bulgaria.” Okay. Here, I would’ve asked, “Well, why aren’t you in Bulgaria anymore? What happened to the person who taught you guys Polish?” But Zygmunt only noticed their sex appeal inflating his cash flow. The mermaids were hot and could sing. I’d probably be in the I’m-totally-winning-and-nothing-can-stop-me mood as well. He already had a profitable band called the Figs n’ Dates. Adding these mermaids to the mix just multiplied the moola.

Matter of fact, the mermaids were such stars that they formed their own band, The Lure. The Lure should be a band in real life. If they were, my dream would change from taking over the universe in a Ric Flair speedo to just being the band’s only background dancer. At that point, just call me The Twerk Sage or Headmistress Twerk, because I’d be the master of the art of twerking. I actually thought about this. Check it out. I’d grow my underarm hair long enough to braid it to the hair from my scalp. Then I would connect the red lipstick from the corners of my lips to the corners of my bloodshot eyes. Yes, you’d be disgusted. But I’d do all this to prove that my twerking is so mesmerizing that you can’t help but stay in the club and stare at me. And guess what? I’m staring back at you—just you, my armpits sweating and all. But I stop only when the music stops. I’d be mind-blowing. I’d have to be. I refuse to be the only one in the band (or the cast) that lacks talent. Hopefully, this is a testament to the great acting, music, and overall production you will witness when you see this movie. Don’t worry. I’m not in it.

The standout performances were often encapsulated in handheld camerawork that triggered intimacy between you and the story, which you wanted when you were first seduced by these characters and this world but ultimately despised with the realization that everyone would suffer in the end. Some things happened so seamlessly in this movie that I didn’t even realize the movie magic I had just witnessed. For example, I actually thought I had viewed the transformation of a human-shaped figure into a mermaid; but after exploring closer, I realize that Smoczynska simply understood my brain and chose to David Blaine the crap out of it. Like, how am I writing her this love letter when I’m already married? See? She’s good.

Another detail that stood out was that the girls passed out when they were away from a body water for too long (e.g., a pool or a bathtub). The only thing I can compare it to is me with a new purse. My husband often finds me in a tactless, unconscious position throughout the world if a new bag hasn’t entered my life in a specific amount of time. As a lesson to everyone, find somebody who knows how to water you properly so you can stay alive. Now, back to the review. Actually, back to marriage. Communication is important. Sometimes I wonder why my husband can’t just read my mind. Perhaps it’s for the same reason I can’t read his. I have better things to do. But it would be great to communicate in some other way than just talking. For example, Golden and Silver communicate using what I gathered was sonar. You will hear it throughout the movie as metallic, oceanic vibrations. How convenient would that be, communicating with my husband in a posh dining restaurant, letting him know that that skank in the window booth needs to stop looking over here before I add more blush to her cheek with my elbow? See why I need the Ric Flair speedo?

Speaking of clothing, I applaud the costume design, led by Katarzyna Lewinska. Although the costumes were straightforward, they were unforgettable and fit expertly in the world. I saw costumes that I called instant wears. Zena’s English Dictionary (which I am making into a real thing) defines “instant wears” as any outfit that an individual sees, screams at, Instagrams immediately with caption #fashiongoals, searches Amazon for, finds (of course), places into shopping cart (of course), and verifies delivery date so that unworthy members of the household know that he or she is expecting a package. Speaking of instant wears, I would wear this movie if it was an outfit. That’s how much I loved it. You’re wearing The Lure. Well, why yes, I am. That sounds spicy.

The Lure left me with opposing emotions of fulfillment and deficiency. On one hand, I had just experienced a great musical with great visuals; on the other, I had been ripped apart by Silver’s final decision, almost solidifying that I could never endure this journey again. I usually keep movies like this on my shelf. This allows me to relive particular scenes mentally without being lured into the entire excursion that leads to the inevitable heartbreak.

Check out The Lure as soon as you can. Yes, it is named after the band in the film. However, there is so much that will lure you in. There is so much that lures characters to each other—the lure of the unknown, love, money, hunger, and so much more. You, too, will ask yourself: What did I just watch? Why did I just watch it? And how have I not seen anything like it before? This is a great horror. Point blank. PERIOD.


Zena from Zena’s Period Blood

In addition to contributing to Dread Central, Zena Dixon has been writing about all things creepy and horrific for over six years at She has always loved horror films and will soon be known directing her own feature-length horror. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @LovelyZena.



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Exclusive Clip – Primal Rage

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