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No Man's Land: Reeker IIHave you picked up a copy of Reeker (review) yet on DVD? If not, quit your dilly-dallying and get your ass out there to check it out; it’s a damn fun movie with more creative kills than I’ve seen squeezed into a 90-minute run time in a while. In fact, click here to get Reeker through Evilshop; you’ll be happy you did.

STYD recently got fresh word on the film’s sequel, No Man’s Land (or Reeker II: No Man’s Land, they’ve not settled on a title yet), which was announced a few weeks back (“The Reeker Returns” – September 2007). “Both films feature the same world, the same logic and the same killer but it’s all new characters and a whole new situation,” director Dave Payne told the site. ”This one explores the origins of the Reeker. But you can’t make a scary movie where the killer starts as a hero, so it starts with where he comes from and how his world operates.”

Not a bad idea, considering the how’s and why’s of what was going on were barely touched on in the first film. With a sequel you always want more of everything, and No Man’s Land will be no exception. ””It’s a bigger movie, for sure. We spent more money on it, I had to entertain myself … There’s just more. More gags … more bigger more better. There are more effects and I’m not so sure if that’s because we backed ourselves into a lot of corners budget-wise and said, ‘Wow, how are we gonna pull this off?’ and just did it digitally,” he continued. ”There’s one gag where a guy gets sliced in half and his lower legs go running off with his spine sticking out the top …It turned out to be the perfect practical effect with the way the guy was hidden and the way we lined up the shot, it’s not gonna be a digital effect.”

Sounds like there are going to be a good amount of practical effects with digital enhancements, which is never a bad thing. Click the STYD link above for more info, and keep it here for updates!

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