Leading Man for Later

Jeremy Renner cast in 28 Weeks LaterA horrible virus spreads across the UK, turning anyone it comes in contact with into a rage-filled machine of unbridled hatred, bent only on destruction. Somehow there are survivors of this outbreak, which is generally a good thing, but this time out the Americans show up and someone accidentally lets the virus loose yet again.

And who will lead them in Juan Carlos (Intacto) Fresnadillo’s sequel, 28 Weeks Later? According to Variety that would be the former Jeffrey Dahmer, Jeremy Renner. The trade is reporting that Renner has been cast as Sgt. Doyle of the Special Forces Unit sent to clean up the mess in the British Isle, and he will be one of the film’s “heroes.”

Not too shabby for a guy who started off his career playing one of the world’s most popular cannibals in Dahmer, a role I have to admit he was excellent in. Fox Atomic is behind the upcoming sequel and recently announced that it will be in theaters on May 11th, 2007. Keep an eye on FA’s official site for more good stuff in the coming weeks!

Johnny Butane

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