Hey, Hey It’s Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey!If nothing else, you at least have to give the filmmakers credit for coming out with such a cheese-tastic title as Blood Monkey. Technically though, the movie is actually about killer chimpanzees. Blood Chimp just doesn’t have quite same ring to it as Blood Monkey if you ask me.

Blood Monkey is a terrifying thriller about six American graduate students who find themselves stranded in the jungles of Thailand; their bickering is interrupted by blood-thirsty killer chimpanzees. Can former Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham save them from a fate worse than appearing in a movie that seems destined to wind up on the Sci-Fi Channel?

We’ll find out on November 6th when Blood Monkey arrives on DVD. Somehow, don’t ask me how, but this film is bypassing the Sci-Fi Channel and heading straight to DVD first.

As you can see by that logo on the box art, the film is being billed as part of the “Maneater Series”. This is name that RHI Entertainment are using for a line of killer animal films they’ve produced, such as Grizzly Rage (review) and Maneater (review, about a killer tiger), both of which have already premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel and bored the crap out of me. Still, I’m holding out hope for Blood Monkey and Eye of the Beast, another still-to-come entry in the series pitting James Van Der Beek against a giant squid.

Interestingly enough, the director of Blood Monkey is Robert Young, who way back in 1972 helmed the Hammer cult classic Vampire Circus. You can also check out a trailer for Blood Monkey that’s up on YouTube by scrolling down mere inches. Looks like it could be okay. We’ll see November 6th.

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