Nico Tortorella Joins Kevin Williamson’s Still Untitled Project for Fox TV and Provides Massive Update

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Nico Tortorella Joins Kevin Williamson's Still Untitled Project for Fox TVAnd the cast of Fox TV’s still untitled new project being put together by Kevin Williamson continues to grow, and one of the newest additions has provided a “mega” update on the series via his website that includes a full casting breakdown.

First off, the addition in question is Nico Tortorella (pictured right; Trespass, Scream 4, Odd Thomas), who will be portraying Will Wilson. More info on the character can be found below. He and the also newly cast Jeananne Goossen (“Alcatraz”) join James Purefoy, Kevin Bacon, Natalie Zea, Shawn Ashmore, and Valorie Curry.

The project, from Warner Bros. TV, is a thriller about ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon), who leads the search to catch diabolical serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy), who has created a cult of serial killers. Marcos Siega (“The Vampire Diaries”, “Dexter”) is set to direct the pilot, written and executive produced by Williamson, creator of the Scream horror movie franchise and co-creator/executive producer of The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Secret Circle”.

It will be filmed in Atlanta later this month, and Fox will most likely announce if the show will be part of its 2012/13 lineup in May. If the show is ordered to series, it will produce only 15 episodes a season instead of the standard 22 (a concession made by the network to entice Kevin Bacon to the project).

Now here’s the casting breakdown provided by Tortorella’s website:

JOE CARROLL – James Purefoy
Caucasian, a handsome man in his 40s, with an intelligent face and a brilliant mind, Carroll moves with ease and confidence. In his past life Carroll was an English professor at Southern Methodist University in Texas. Charming and charismatic, Carroll was a favorite among the students. He was also a devoted husband, father, and novelist. His first and only novel was a critical and commercial failure, which ultimately proved to be the escalation trigger that led Carroll to brutally murder 14 female students. A devotee of Romanticism, Carroll removed his victims’ eyes as a nod to his favorite author, Poe. Captured by FBI agent Ryan Hardy, Carroll has been in Huntsville Prison ever since, plotting his next novel. After escaping from prison with a double murder, Carroll sets his diabolical masterpiece in motion.

RYAN HARDY – Kevin Bacon
In his late 30s–40s, handsome in the most damaged of ways, Ryan lives alone in Atlanta; he’s tired and textured by life and by plenty of booze. An up-and-coming FBI agent/profiler nine years ago, Ryan was responsible for arresting serial killer Joe Carroll. Following his instincts, Ryan tracked and captured Carroll, managing to save Carroll’s final victim, Sarah Fuller, in the process. However, Ryan was wounded in his confrontation with the serial killer, and thus his FBI career was cut short. With no other options, Ryan has since written a bestselling account of Carroll’s grisly crimes and pays the bills with TV appearances as an expert on true crime. He still carries the emotional scars of nine years ago and hasn’t quite been able to move on. However, Ryan is hauled out of retirement when Joe Carroll escapes from prison and plunges into the details of an FBI investigation for the first time in almost a decade. Ryan is often unpredictable and volatile in his emotions, but he proves to be a sharp, quick, insightful judge of Carroll’s character and an expert predictor of Carroll’s next diabolical move.

JENNIFER MASON – Jeananne Goossen
In her 30s, attractive and all business, she’s the Special Agent in Charge of the investigation into the escape of serial killer Joe Carroll. She’s been ordered by her superiors to oversee Ryan Hardy, who has been brought in to consult on the case. Mason is tough as nails and calls things as she sees them. She is wary of Ryan’s volatile state of mind, but Mason soon realizes that Ryan’s expertise and instincts are the key to bringing down Joe Carroll.

In her 40s, the ex-wife of Joe Carroll and once a Literature professor at Southern Methodist University. Claire has been able to build a new life for herself and Carroll’s son, Joey. She is a controlled woman, refined, sophisticated, and full of strength. But when Carroll escapes, Claire struggles to hold it together. Claire’s relationship with Ryan Hardy is complicated and full of history. He is the only FBI agent she trusts. During Ryan’s investigation, they are forced to meet again after years apart, thus bringing old memories and emotions to the surface.

AGENT RILEY – Shawn Ashmore
A younger FBI agent, he’s an eager Fed, more brains than brawn. Partnered with Weston, he’s assigned to assist Jennifer Mason in her search for escaped serial killer Joe Carroll and is regularly seen interacting with cops and victims.

WILL WILSON – Nico Tortorella
A handsome young man in his 20s, Will is Sarah’s next-door neighbor. The boyfriend of Billy Thomas. Will is Sarah’s support system, a friend in her time of need, ready with Chinese food and company while Carroll is on the loose.

DENISE – Valorie Curry
A sweet-faced girl of 24, she is Joey’s trusted nanny.

The remaining roles have yet to be cast so look for more soon!

A younger FBI agent, he’s an eager Fed, more brains than brawn. Partnered with Riley, he’s assigned to assist Jennifer Mason in her search for escaped serial killer Joe Carroll, and is regularly seen interacting with cops and victims.

Another handsome young man in his 20s, Billy is Will’s boyfriend and Sarah’s next-door neighbor. He is also a friend to Sarah while she deals with Carroll’s prison escape. Billy isn’t afraid to throw out a quip or two in an attempt to lessen Sarah’s worry.

10 years old, he is the son of Joe Carroll and Claire Matthews; he lives with his single mom, has never met his serial-killer father, and is mature enough to know that his daddy is a bad man.

In his 50s, a hardened good ol’ boy who wears a big cowboy hat, Turner is a Captain of the Texas Rangers, and he’s also deeply involved in the search for Joe Carroll. A man who knows Ryan Hardy quite well from the original investigation into Carroll, Turner regards Hardy as a one-hit wonder. Dubious about Hardy’s character, he questions just about every one of Hardy’s insights.

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