A Look at the Moonlight Premiere

Moonlight premiere!This season there seems to be a rash of horror-themed television programs hitting the airwaves, which is very perplexing to me … I’m already too damn busy and now I have to watch TV too!?! This itchy patch needs to be tended to, and my poor DVR is working overtime trying to keep up with the only cure. I’ve already gotten hooked on a show where the parents have sold their son’s soul to the Devil (read my take on “Reaper” here), so when I heard about a sexy vampire detective series, I just had to check it out.

When a girl is murdered in Los Angeles with all the markings of a vampire attack, the police are baffled and the media run wild with the story. Our vampiric P.I., Mick St. John, is on the scene and takes it upon himself to solve the crime. He uses his heightened senses to literally sniff out the culprit and save his little blonde love interest in the Mick of time.

“Moonlight” is a watered down version of what would have happened if Kolchak had been a real night stalker himself. Mick St. John is a private investigator who has to hide his own secrets while trying to uncover everyone else’s. He’s not the whiney, melodramatic “all I want is to be understood and to be loved” vampire nor is he a butt-kicking badass vampire like Blade. Mick falls somewhere in-between, and I’m not sure if that is going to help make the series more interesting or if it is going to cause it to fade into mediocrity.

Melissa Bostaph

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