Become a Part of Daniel Knauf’s Bxx: Haunted

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Become a Part of Daniel Knauf's Bxx: HauntedWe’ve been ranting and raving about the new project from Daniel Knauf, Bxx: Haunted, for over a month now, and if you’re at all acquainted with the series he did for HBO, “Carnivale”, then you’re likely to be pretty excited as well. Now we have your chance to go beyond excitement.

Are you an aspiring digital FX artist? How would you like to get a shot at scoring a line-credit on the latest project by Daniel Knauf, the creator of cult TV sensation “Carnivale”? That’s right, kids. Now YOU can join in on the madness! We’ll let Daniel take it from here…

We have a single shot in which a man is bludgeoned to death with a monkeywrench,” explains Knauf, “It’s captured from four angles. We did the digital blood effects inhouse. Though they were passable, they weren’t great. So I thought, hey, Bxx is an Internet project, crowd-funded and sourced since inception. So let’s crowd-source the fucker!

Knauf ran the idea past us, and we agreed it was a grand idea. And thus was born “The Great Kill the Crap Out of Mr. Blaylock and Snag a Credit Contest”.

Co-sponsored by Bxx and Dread Central. Open to everyone, amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists alike.

The challenge? Create an absolutely realistic digital bludgeoning. Blood-spatter. Cracked skull. Brains. Blood slowly spreading under the victim.

The reward? Knauf will use the winner’s shot in Bxx: Haunted, and the winning artist will receive a “Digital Gore FX by” line-credit on the site’s roll. Plus bragging rights. Plus an invite to the Bxx: Haunted wrap party!

But, like all great opportunities, this one is fleeting; the deadline is a mere 10 days from now on MARCH 16, 2012.

The winning entry will be the one that looks the most absolutely real,” suggests Knauf. “The artist needs to match the source video’s resolution and color settings. This isn’t HD. We shot Haunted on SD security video cams with fairly high compression rates so the image can be a bit degraded. Match that, and you’re halfway there.

Other hints:

Go real-real, not movie-real,” Knauf cautions, “and don’t do anything to the overall image such as color-correction or global settings. We’ll be applying our own settings to the winning shot to ensure it matches the rest of our video.”

To enter, simply download the Quicktime file here, load it into your favorite imaging suite, and kill the ever-living crap out of Mr. Blaylock from four angles (granted, Mr. Blaylock isn’t visible in one of the shots, but a pretty blond actress seated across the table from him is, and she’s bound to get drenched in cast-off blood and, erm… matter.

Once you’ve nailed it, simply upload it to your favorite video sharing site, and send the link to

Your work will be judged by Knauf and his team, and the winner will be announced here at Dread Central on Friday, March 16th.

P.S. Knauf has informed us that the limited, invitation-only launch is filling up fast. If you want to be among the first 5,000 online guests to experience it, go to the official Bxx: Haunted website, and enter your email address on the signup page. Quickly. Today. Now. Also be sure to follow @BxxWeb on Twitter for more.

The Great Kill the Crap Out of Mr. Blaylock Contest from Daniel Knauf on Vimeo.

Bxx: Haunted is an entirely new form of cinematic storytelling, leveraging the technology of the Internet. Shot over 48 hours using dozens of cameras, Knauf has taken almost 800 hours of raw video and created a non-linear story that is meant to be viewed as one browses the Net: follow what interests you, browse deeper to learn more, back out and go somewhere else if you get bored.

The goal is to have viewers create the experience they want to see, to more or less become filmmakers creating their own experience on the fly.

For his first work in this new format, Knauf chose to tell the story of a paranormal investigation gone very, very wrong. Six people, one house, 48 hours. What will happen?

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