No Scream 5 for Kevin Williamson

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No Scream 5 for Kevin WilliamsonRemember all the “controversy” surrounding the last film in Wes Craven’s much beloved Scream franchise? On-set tensions were highly touted just about everywhere as news of that and anything else you could think of came pouring in. We’re sure about 95% of it was bullshit, but that remaining 5%…

Yeah, things definitely got a little ugly with writer Kevin Williamson and the powers-that-be. So much so that to this very day Williamson remains tight-lipped about anything having to do with the entire Scream franchise.

In a recent interview with website Assignment X regarding his mega-popular show for The CW Network “The Vampire Diaries”, Williamson confirmed what we all kind of already knew about Scream 5:

“Iā€™m not doing it,” Williamson told the site super briefly before moving on. We’d love for him to return, but it’s highly unlikely. He will be missed.

Thanks to DC reader RRH for the heads-up!

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  • James Coker

    Cinemascribe I feel the “no more please” with the Children of the Corn movies, why did they keep making those movies? there is no fan base for them . . . but I did like Part 4 “the Gathering” with Naomi Watts

    and Second I think if they went with the original ending to Scream 4 were Jill actually kills Sidney and gets away with it, then I would LOVE a Scream 5 in which they use the Idea of another Ghostface killing people and Jill is going “wait? im Ghostface” and its a Ghostface versus Ghostface thing.

    and let the venom be spit on me for this one

  • kiddcapone

    Oh what a pity. Who could possibly ever write another movie with the same core characters never dying, everyone getting stabbed with a knife, unrealistic revealing of multiple killers who could NEVER do the shit they did while in costume, gunfire in hospitals that seemingly go unnoticed, and dialogue so cheesy Valveeta should sue? Fuck Bruce Willis? No, FUCK the Scream sequels. It should have ended after the first one.

  • Terminal

    No more Screams. I’m so sick of these movies. The epitome of horror movies playing it safely.

  • Vanvance1

    We don’t need more Scream movies. Actually we only needed the first one.

  • James Coker

    šŸ™ and I actually liked Scream 4

    • aliensharkboy

      Same! This is terrible news… šŸ™

    • Cinemascribe

      @James Coker:

      Yeah, Scream 4 was one of the few mainstream films of the past few years that I really did enjoy. But I’ve always viewed it as a last hurrah for the series , a better note to end on than the disappointing part 3. I was actually surprised to discover (after I had seen Scream 4) that a part five was seriously being discussed (somehow I had missed any mention of a potential Scream 5 until the weekend when Scream 4 arrived).

      Bad idea. Honestly, there’s nothing more to be done with the concept. Considering that part four was based on the premise that a new killer has decided to “remake” the original murders (which I liked) , it’s pretty clear they’ve brought the franchise full circle. Even if Williamson had wanted to return, I have to echo the sentiment of “No more, please.” Let it be done and move on already.

      Incidentally, I feel the same way about the Final Destination series. It wasn’t one of my favorite movies or anything, but as a disposable piece of horror eye candy, I had a lot of fun watching Final Destination 5 in the theater (surprising, since I absolutely loathed The Final Desecratio- er- Destination). But I’m perfectly fine with there never being another FD made. Ever.