Sneak Peeks of Next Week’s Being Human and Lost Girl on Syfy

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Today has gotten away from us a bit timing-wise so to make up for it, we’re giving you two stories in one! Read on for a sneak peek of next week’s episodes of both “Being Human” and “Lost Girl” on Syfy, entitled “I’ve Got You Under Your Skin” and “Vexed”, respectively.

“Being Human” Episode 2.08 “I’ve Got You Under Your Skin” (3/5/12 Air Date):
Aidan struggles to get the orphan vampire problem under control while Josh’s sister tries to shake him from his post-Nora funk.

In this clip Sally explains to Aidan that she is worried about the black fog, which she claims is a reaper that killed her friend, Danny. It appears that it is not out to kill her but is offering her his job in return. Aidan suggests that the only way destroy this reaper might be to kill him before he gets to her.

In “Being Human” leading normal lives is a lot harder than it looks for three roommates – vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath), and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) – who share their secrets and a Boston brownstone.

Syfy's Being Human

“Lost Girl” Episode 1.08 – “Vexed” (3/5/12 Air Date):
The murder of a death row inmate leads Bo into a confrontation with a powerful new Fae adversary.

In this clip Lauren examines Bo, and they begin having a conversation about her sex life. Things heat up when Bo is asked if she’s had any luck, sexually, with humans. She responds by stating that there’s no rush and that she should take her time with experimenting with humans, though she does expose her relationship with another fae.

“Lost Girl” stars Anna Silk (“The Ghost Whisperer”) as supernatural seductress Bo. Silk’s co-stars are Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson, a shape-shifting Fae, homicide detective, and Bo’s love interest; Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Bo’s human confidante and a street-smart survivor; Zoie Palmer as Lauren, a human doctor who competes for Bo’s heart; Rick Howland as Trick, the mysterious owner and bartender at The Dal Riata tavern with a secretive past that is yet to be unlocked; and K.C. Collins as Hale, a handsome male “Siren” who is the eternal bachelor, ultimate wingman, and Dyson’s partner on the force. Emmanuelle Vaugier guest stars as “The Morrigan”, the leader of the Dark Fae.

Lost Girl on Syfy

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