Stuard Gordon DC.001 - Exclusive: FANGORIA Announces Stuart Gordon Biography

Exclusive: FANGORIA Announces Stuart Gordon Biography

FANGORIA is announcing the release of Stuart Gordon’s biography titled Naked Theater and Uncensored Horror. The memoir will give readers a revealing portrait of the director, beginning with his controversial play in 1968 (a psychedelic spin on Peter Pan) to the creation of the Organic Theater Company in Madison Wisconsin, and all the way through each of his two dozen plus films, including Re-Animator and From Beyond. “I’m honored to kick off this series. The book is filled with never-before-told stories and anecdotes,” Gordon promises readers.

The biography will be the first installment in FANGORIA’s LIFECAST series, which explores and chronicles the most prolific minds and makers in the horror business. “It’s a celebration of the people who bring our nightmares to life,” says Natasha Pascetta, FANGORIA’s Vanguard of The Vault.

The next book in the LIFECAST series will be a deep dive on the practical effects masters from horror historian Heather Wixson. Heather’s book will feature interviews, stories, and never-before-told anecdotes from nearly 100 of the industry’s most revered artists. If that wasn’t enough, the LIFECAST brand will also feature a companion podcast series hosted by Natasha Pascetta and feature special effects legends, crew members, the actors behind movie monsters, & more!

The exact date of publication for Gordon’s memoir has not yet been confirmed, but we do know it is slated for a 2020 publishing date. Fans can keep an eye out on the FANGORIA’s social channels for all official announcements!

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