Is Gone Already Almost Gone from the Box Office?

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Is Gone Already Almost Gone from the Box Office?Do you realize that the current box office gross of tonight’s likely Best Picture Oscar winner The Artist is still less than how much money The Devil Inside took in just on its opening weekend?

Or that The Help is the only best picture nominee to make more money than Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked? At least they can all boast they’ve made far more money than Gone ever will.

If you’ve read my review of Gone, you already know how I felt about this latest Amanda Seyfried starring vehicle. Unfortunately for Miss Seyfried, this vehicle stalled out at 9th place. I speculated in my review that the film is destined for heavy rotation on the Lifetime Network sooner rather than later; looks like it’s going to be even sooner that I thought. The serial killer thriller flopped in a big way with only $5 million for its opening weekend. That makes Gone the lowest opening for a wide release movie thus far in 2012 and the biggest dud of Seyfried’s career, according to Box Office Mojo.

Miss Seyfried can drown her sorrows with Jennifer Aniston, whose new comedy Wanderlust also tanked, opening 8th with less than $2 million more than Gone.

Another film that’ll probably be gone from the box office soon in another week is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Dropping 60%, down to 7th place in its second week, the $8.8 million it took this weekend brings its total coffers up to around $36 million. That’s still far, far behind what its much maligned predecessor made back in 2007. The producers might have been better off just cutting their losses and letting the Ghost Rider rights slip back into Marvel/Disney’s possession because there sure doesn’t appear to be much mileage left in this particular Marvel movie property.

The Rock continues to cook with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Locked in at 3rd place with another $13 million for the weekend, whether or not Dwayne Johnson will return for another sequel remains to be seen, but I think it’s safe to assume that another installment of putting a 3D spin on one of Jules Verne’s classic tales is going to happen. Why do I have a gut feeling Journey from Earth to the Moon will soon become a reality?

Next week has absolutely nothing new to offer horror fans. The box office report will return in two weeks for the big screen showdown between Elizabeth Olsen being terrorized in a Silent House and the House of Mouse waiting to find out how much money they’re going to lose on the mega budget John Carter (no longer of Mars).

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  • hegemon13

    Box office gross != quality.

    I have no idea how good or bad the nominees are this year. I probably won’t find out because they don’t fall within my realm of interest. But, trying to flout box office results as a measure of quality is quite silly. Within our own genre, box office flops have been some of the best entrants in the last few years. Let Me In, Drag Me to Hell, Moon, Attack the Block, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, just to name a few. On the other hand, the [insert latest Resident Evil or Transformers sequel here] continue to make massive box office cash despite generating an equally massive amount of suck.

    Yeah, this year’s nominees are underwhelming, but let’s find some real criticisms rather than this implication that success at the box office has anything to do with a movie’s worthiness for an academy award.

    • Foywonder

      Those box office comparisons weren’t meant as a measure of quality. I was pointing out how little interest the general public had in any of the nominees this year. Here you have The Artist, a movie that has been sweeping award for weeks, and yet in a month since it opened it hasn’t even made more money than The Devil Inside did on its opening weekend. That’s not saying The Devil Inside is a better movie. That’s pointing out how little being a critically acclaimed award winning darling matters to the general audience and why I fully expected the Oscars to do a lower than usual rating last night.

      For the record, the Oscar rating were up slightly from last year. Billy Crystal back as Oscar host really must have been a draw because it sure wasn’t because of the nominees.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Considering the box office for Gone; it’ll probably get Nominated for Best Picture this year.

    *is quite bitter over Hugo not winning*

    • Foywonder

      I still say considering how underwhelming this year’s nominees were they should have scrapped the usual Best Picture category and done the retroactive Best Picture category comprised of ten past films that either didn’t win Best Picture or were snubbed altogether by the Academy. I’d tune in to see movies like Goodfellas, Citizen Kane, Star Wars, Jaws, Midnight Cowboy, Raiders of the Lost Ark and so forth contend for their overlooked Oscar recognition.

      • Vanvance1

        Brazil. Best picture, best director, best screenplay.

        Actually, seeing as how I’m going back to 1985 I’d also accept the academy giving out the listed awards for either ‘Day of the Dead’ or ‘Return of the LIving Dead.’

        85 was an awesome year for movies.

        • James Coker

          Vanvance1 85 was indeed an Awesome year for movies, Re-Animator,Return of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Fright Night and Demons!

          • Vanvance1

            I love every single one of those films. If only 2012 could be so epic a year for horror releases.

        • Cinemascribe

          Totally agree with you, Vanvance. I’ve made a similar statement in conversations elsewhere, both in person and on the web. Quite the collection of eventual genre classics were unleashed that year. I was fourteen in ’85 and loving every blood splattered, freaky moment of greatness that came our way.

          I’ll also add to the list of movies I really enjoyed from that year: Cat’s Eye, Tobe Hooper’s (in my opinion at least) terribly underrated Lifeforce and the “so bizarre and bat shit insane that I couldn’t help but love it” Larry Cohen cult flick The Stuff.

          Damn. That really WAS a great year for movies.

      • theGoldenSimatar

        That would be a cool idea. Though it’s something more for the 100th Academy Awards I would say in terms of when they should do it. But of the films you’ve listed; imo only Goodfellas, Kane, and Cowboy shoulda won. 😛

        This year there wasn’t that great a crop; most were kinda average I would say or obvious Oscar bait. Though out of all of them; Hugo was the most honest and simply best film on every level from story, acting, and technical achievement. I thought Artist was a nice film, but just that; the storyline was interesting and execution clever; but it never amounted to more. Hard to sound crass; but it’s execution felt like artistic mimicry of films of that era.

        Tree of Life though was absolute crap; it was gorgeous though, Malick knows where to put the camera. If Hugo wasn’t released I would have said Tree for best Cinematography. But it was just utter, utter, utter, utter pretentious crap. It’s a movie where everyone who likes it is saying “yes it doesn’t make sense, yes it doesn’t explain anything, yes it makes so little sense it has to be a profound statement on humanity.” No…it just means either Malick is playing a really big joke on everyone by seeing if they’ll still give him a BJ for being Terrence Malick or he’s lost a screw in his head and thought that he was making a profound statement.

        I think a bit from column A and a bit from column B. *takes a deep breath* Sorry; that is the worst film of last year period. But because it’s Terrence Malick; everyone is praising the film. My hatred for that movie knows no bottom.