Check Out the Sci-Fi Short Film Series Swine

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A group of rebels battling with laser guns against an oppressive, strong-armed regime. Sound familiar? Swine is probably what Star Wars would have resembled if George Lucas was forced to operate on a shoestring, nearly non-existent budget.

For working with limited funds, these guys came up with a seriously impressive product.

Swine has bloody laser gun fights, hot chicks and a cool story of a power struggle in a post-apocalyptic world…what more could you ask for? We’ve got the extended trailer for you to check out below. To see the film in its entirety, for free, head over to the official Swine website. You can also give them a like on the Swine Facebook page or follow Swine on Twitter (@swinemovie)if you dig what you see.

The series stars Gregory Lee Kenyon, Kellsy MacKilligan, Osa Wallander, Emily Chetner, Rowena Sumner, Drew Hinckley, Kyle Maki, Christine Craig, Amber Clark, Kelley Gallagher and Chris Wiley. The film was directed by Daniel Levitch and written by the Brothers Levitch. Plans are in the works to turn Swine into a full-length feature film. But until then, head over to the Swine website and check it out

Swine Synopsis
With civilization in ruins, man called upon his primal instincts to survive. Hunters and scavengers alike made their way in this savage land. But when the Northern Warlords united, skulls cracked and spirits broke, as they conquered everything in their path. Now, deep in the Outlands, a partisan movement, known as Vox Populi, stands their ground against an enemy bred for battle.

Chapter I — After discovering a weakness in the Colonial garrison, Vox Populi comes out of hiding to strike at the heart of the Colonial army.

Chapter II — Ready to sell strategic information, three concubines escape their Colonial masters and make their way to a Vox Populi rendezvous.

Chapter III — An unexpected betrayal costs Vox Populi dearly and threatens to destroy the resistance from within.

Check Out the Sci-Fi Short Film Series Swine

Check Out the Sci-Fi Short Film Series Swine

Check Out the Sci-Fi Short Film Series Swine

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    Aw thanks for giving this some love, DC. I reviewed this for my site last year and loved it. I think it deserves a lot of publicity.