Night Terrors Returns With a Diabolical Dummy in Tow

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Night Terrors Returns With a Diabolical Dummy in TowNight Terrors, the web series which was banned on several other sites for its usage of … well … everything naughty, is back with a second episode, and we have it for you right here, completely uncut. Dig it!

Chris St. Croix and David Buchert have teamed with Dread Central to share Night Terrors with a group of people they know are fucked up enough to enjoy their work: the twisted Dread Central fan base. This offering, “Episode 2: Dummy”, is available for you to watch below. However …


Anne just woke up half naked in an abandoned hospital. She and her two brothers have become players in a game of hide and seek with a masked psycho carrying a grudge.

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  • ssmith2010

    The video doesn’t load 🙁

    I’d love to be able to see and even download the clips; any possible way this can be done? I’d love to support you guys, but I don’t know how if there’s no way to see or purchase the film.

    • Uncle Creepy

      The Short is now making its festival run and needed to be taken down.

      • ssmith2010

        Any place we can know what festivals it’s showing at? And any news about being able to purchase?

  • James Coker

    okay that mask is freakin awesome, and it was a good short, loved that ending, reminded me of the darker goosebumps episodes. Good Job David Buchert ^_^

  • boobuchert

    Hey guys, this is David Buchert. I directed, wrote and produced Dummy. We need your support to continue giving horror fans something fun, sexy and violent. Please spread the word about Dummy and Night Terrors. Tell all of your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, your preacher or the strange old lady at the bus stop. Night Terrors is a product of hard work and a love for the genre and we hope you enjoy it.

  • James Coker

    ok Boywonder513, you sold me the short, ill watch it now 🙂

    • BoyWonder513

      I’m a sucker for Slashers, especially inventive slashers like this. These filmmakers did such a fantastic job condensing everything that I love about slashers, making an incredible villain, and pulling off a nice twist at the end. Horror shorts are such a hit or miss business that is so saturated, that making something this good and standing out like this is a great achievement.

  • BoyWonder513

    I loved this episode, it was a fun slasher short with the best slasher mask design I’ve seen in the last 10 years or so. But am I the only person that’s wondering why this is banned on all these other sites? It is good horror short, I’m not trying to sell it short, but I didn’t see anything that I felt deserved to be censored or couldn’t be put on a site like YouTube. I mean, have you seen the Fewdio shorts? They’re definitely on par with this and they thrive on Youtube. Maybe there was something in the first episode that pushed the boundaries a lot further, but I can’t find it anywhere to see.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yeah that mask was friggin’ incredible. Loved it! So happy to host the series for these cats!

      • BoyWonder513

        Yeh, I’m glad to see Dread getting some recognition for all the awesome content you guys make available. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the next shorts in this series and any others Dread decides to host.

    • boobuchert

      The first Night Terrors episode, Chris St.Croix’s “The Keeper”, was kicked off of youtube and vimeo for nudity and sexual situations. With “Dummy”, I made a choice early on to not have nudity or graphic violence. I had tons of that in my first film and I wanted to try something different. Don’t worry, we will bring you plenty more sex and violence in future episodes. We will cover all aspects of horror with the Night Terrors series. A big thanks goes out to Dread Central for supporting us. Enjoy!

      • BoyWonder513

        Okay, that does make a lot more sense. I haven’t been able to find the first episode anywhere and was just curious as to why more outlets haven’t been giving it a chance. Best of luck on future episodes, I absolutely loved this one and look forward to see more of what you two pull off.

        • boobuchert

          We pulled “The Keeper” off of Dread Central when “Dummy” went online. “Dummy” will be pulled in a month when we start the film festival/convention circuit. “The Keeper” was a Dread Central exclusive so it’s not available anywhere online. Dread Central has been a huge supporter of the series as well as my first movie so they were the only horror site we approached to host the series. “Dummy” will hopefully be available on youtube and vimeo in the new few days. Thanks for checking us out.

          • BoyWonder513

            No problem, I’m always glad to see good independent horror content, and you guys have definitely pulled it off. I’ll definitely spread to word and get more people to watch it while they can.