Unwrapping the Mummy

Mummy: ToDE?Of all the trilogies out there, the one that has been lying the lowest lately has to be The Mummy. We all knew there was a third film in store starring Brendan Fraser and Jet Li, but the news just trickled in.

Then we started looking at what director Rob Cohen was up to. Recently Rob Cohen’s official blog has been updated with two new behind-the-scenes videos for the third Mummy film that sports the lovely title Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Tomorrow begins the big ten-day count-down to finishing the first half of the shoot, our sojourn here in Montreal. We then move to the desert north of Beijing to shoot the epic ending battle where the Terracotta Army takes the field once more. There are over 700 visual effects shots in the film and a good percentage of them will take place in the last twenty minutes of the movie. I am still on schedule which is as much a miracle to me as to the studio brass. There have been many days of elation and many moments of pain but, overall, it has been a shoot of smooth flow and meticulous detail. I’ve been editing behind myself because in a large VFX movie like this, I have to turn over sequences to Digital Domain and Rhythm & Hues, our two VFX houses, before the whole film is cut, or shot for that matter, just to make the delivery date in early July.

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