30 Days Expands

30 Days of Night teaser art (click to see it bigger!)Alaska isn’t the only place that is going to get overrun with vampires this October. As 30 Days of Night (review) draws closer so will the release of many movie tie-ins. Publishing house IDW has just announced four pieces of merchandise to promote not only the film’s October 19th release but the five year anniversary of the original mini-series run!

  • 30 Days of Night Scriptbook—The 8 .5” by 11” scriptbook will have a host of features in addition to the screenplay by Steve Niles, Stuart Beattie & Brian Nelson. It will include many stills from movie, storyboards of scenes and pictures from the set, as well as some original character art from 30 Days co-creator Ben Templesmith. The 30 Days of Night Scriptbook will be available in bookstores and comic book stores.

  • Complete 30 Days of Night Trilogy—This trilogy is a re-release of three 30 Days of Night graphic novels: the original riveting vampire story; 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, the sequel to the first story; and 30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow. All three volumes were created by Niles and Templesmith, and will be presented here as a hardcover volume. The three books will be packaged together in a deluxe slipcase. The Complete 30 Days of Night Trilogy will be available in bookstores and comic book stores.
  • 30 Days of Night #1 Fifth Anniversary Edition—In honor of the fifth anniversary of 30 Days of Night’s release, IDW Publishing is re-releasing the first issue of the 30 Days of Night comic book, which was part of a three-part series. Only 3,000 copies of this issue were ever printed, making it a true collectible. 30 Days of Night #1 will be available in comic book shops.
  • 30 Days of Night Sourcebook—After the initial success of 30 Days of Night, fans clamored for more, prompting IDW Publishing to subsequently release direct sequels and other books that expanded the comic book universe. The sourcebook is a primer to the entire world of 30 Days of Night. Set up as an FBI case file, it includes a report summarizing each 30 Days comic that IDW Publishing has released, along with art clipped from each series. The 30 Days of Night Sourcebook will be available in comic book shops.


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