Bloody Messy Transfusion

Click to see it bigger!Ah yes, the indie zombie film; it seems to be what everyone’s trying to get right these days, but so few are able to do it. A combination of decent acting, good effects, and buckets of gore are what usually make for the more memorable of the bunch, however, and if nothing else Automaton Transfusion looks like it fills those last two criteria very well.

The film is about three teens who find themselves in a town overrun by the hungry dead and decide to fight back instead of the typical hide-and-whine approach that you see all too often in the indies. The result, if the slew of pics just delivered to the doorstep of Bloody Disgusting are any indication, are messy to say the least.

Directed by Steven C. Miller for just under $30,000 (!), Automaton Transfusion has been slowly building in hype for a while now, not only because it has one of the cooler titles in indie zombie history. Check out the B-D link above for more pics, and be sure to hit the flick’s official site for tons more info!

Johnny Butane

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