Bloody Checkers is One Hell of a Good Time

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Big Corporation’s Bloody Checkers is now only 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE. This bizarre genre-bending adventure game allows you to explore a massive castle with tons of rooms, secret passages, and scary creatures to kill. This will be the first checkers game that you will play with chainsaws and oozing blood coming from the board!

From the Press Release
Enter the medieval world of Knotted Hand Hall, and take on 20 dead NPC’s who will try and stop you at all costs. Enjoy 30 hours of leveling, exploring, and hiding as you take everything you have learned online. Gorgeous graphics and 3D gameplay almost go unnoticed as the action overtakes you and you become immersed in volleys of spells, arrow barrages, and cannon attacks from your opponents.

The game is currently available to all Xbox 360 owners through the Xbox Live Game Marketplace. This bizarre genre-bending adventure game is creating a cult following. Xbox 360 gamers have been enjoying the most violent and bloody game of 3D checkers and castle questing ever created on Indie Games.

Big Corporation added a physics engine to Bloody Checkers. The update is currently available to all Xbox 360 owners through the Xbox Live Game Marketplace and is free to all gamers who have previously purchased the game. The new update allows players to interact with treasures, items, and objects including bones and skulls. New multiplayer action has been added as well as uncompressed textures.

Game Features

  • 30 hours of gameplay, against 20 NPC’s
  • Robust 3D online multiplayer, gambling, attacking, and rage quitting
  • Over 90 custom training lessons, with gold rewards and a personal knight to train you
  • Explore a large 3D castle’s 6+ floors, exteriors, interiors, and deadly pits
  • Hundreds of equipable items, treasures, characters, rooms, chests, and unlockables

    To try the game today visit, the Bloody Checkers Marketplace.

    Bloody Checkers is One Hell of a Good Time

    Bloody Checkers is One Hell of a Good Time

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    • kilroyfx

      Wow !! Thanks so much for supporting “BloodyCheckers” and the very cool article. This has made my day…strike that, it most likely has made my week !! You Rock !!!

    • Amanda Dyar

      Lol Yeah it is most interesting Checkers game I have ever seen!

    • Vanvance1

      If this was available for the PC (or even the PS3) I’d grab it.

      • Pestilence

        Get an Xbox. ;o)

        • Vanvance1

          The technology is just too old to bother with. I already have a PS3 a Wii and a gaming capable PC. Oddly I find myself playing more games on my new android phone.

    • Uncle Creepy

      This is just so fucking bizarre I have to have it! LOL