Women in Horror Month Teaming with Gratwick Films to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research

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What would horror be like without women? It would suck ass. Sure, a big guy is intimidating, but women as killers (or their creators) make everything so much more interesting. Which is why we’re happy to remind you it’s Women in Horror Month, time to give blood – and cash – to charity.

As it has in the past, Women in Horror Month is sponsoring a Massive Blood Drive as a way to motivate us to get out and give blood – the medical way so it can be reused, not the splatter all over the floor way! To book an appointment, call 1-888-Z-DONATE.

In addition Gratwick Films has taken up the charitable torch and started a fundraising campaign for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation based around its film The Perfect House.

Women in Horror Month, led by founder Hannah Neurotica, is now in its third year and going strong. Check out the WiHM website, but first read on for info on how you can help out… and see a kick-ass movie along the way.

Women in Horror Month Teaming with Gratwick Films to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research

From the Press Release
As a thank you to our passionate Gratwick Films fans and to celebrate Women in Horror month, The Perfect House, the first movie ever to premiere on Facebook, has reduced its price from $5.00 to $1.30 for a one-day rental on Facebook. Thirty cents from every view will be donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation when the campaign concludes at the end of February. Gratwick Films’ technology partner Milyoni, the leader in social entertainment, will also match the 30-cent donation for every view, up to $1,000.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to funding scientific research to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime. The Foundation supports scientists at top universities and academic medical centers worldwide. Currently more than 90 cents of every dollar donated to the foundation is directed to breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Dena Hysell has recently joined the Gratwick Films team in the role of franchise producer. She immediately partnered with Gratwick Producer Andrea Vahl to team up with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Women in Horror Recognition Month for a month-long campaign celebrating Women in Horror. “This powerful film franchise (The Perfect House 2 will be coming our way soon) being produced by two women is an anomaly in the business,” said Dena Hysell. “Women in Horror Recognition Month was designed to highlight such things and help mainstream them. We chose to partner with a charity which directly affects women’s health in order to allow the horror community to actively support the role of women in all communities.”

“The Perfect House is a testament to what strong women behind the camera can do in horror and film in general,” said Kris Hulbert, Writer/Director, Gratwick Films. “Andrea Vahl has been the driving force behind the success of our franchise; and now adding Dena to our team gives us another strong, beautiful woman to lead us to the next level. The power of this duo was evident immediately when they created this amazing opportunity to work hand in hand with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

“The Perfect House is incredibly proud of its female actors and producers. The best way we could think to show it is to support all women. With the miniscule price and the great cause it’s going to, it’s the perfect thing to do next time you’re passing the time on Facebook.”

The film can be viewed in full HD via The Perfect House Facebook page. It can be streamed for $1.30 through PayPal or with 13 Facebook credits. You get access to unlimited views for 24 hours. 30 cents from every purchase will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with Milyoni matching this donation for every view, up to $1,000.

About Women in Horror Month
Women in Horror Month (WiHM) is a service offered through Viscera, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. WiHM expands opportunities for filmmakers, artists, and fans by raising awareness about the changing roles for women through filmmaking, writing, events, and networking.

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