Sounds of The Last Winter

The Last Winter soundtrackLarry Fessenden is an odd cat. He’s never made anything that could be called a “traditional” horror film, yet there are certain circles in our genre that embrace anything he does unquestioningly. Personally I’ve never been a rabid fan of the man’s work, which includes Habit, No Telling and Wendigo; then I saw The Last Winter (review).

Truly this is the man’s masterwork to date; one of the creepiest, most atmospheric and thought-provoking horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. The film’s not getting a big release, though it more than deserves one; only opening in New York and LA as of yesterday (September 19th). If you’re anywhere near where it’s playing, be sure you make it a point to see it.

One thing you’ll take away from The Last Winter, if you’re in tune with such things, is how different the film’s score is. Believe me, in a movie like this music is a huge part of what makes it work so well, so Fessenden’s choice to include both an orchestral and electronic mix on the final product is daring, but man does it work.

Check out some samples of the music, or just buy the CD outright, over at Movie Score Media, who released it this week and again; be sure you get out there to see it if you can. The Last Winter is a truly unique horror film.

Johnny Butane

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