Ready for More Body Bags?

Sure you may have ignored most of the stuff that came out with R.L. Stine’s name on it, and who could blame ya? You’re a grown-up horror fan after all, what would you want with kid’s stuff?

Such was not necessarily the case, however, when the first of a series of direct-to-DVD movies came out recently called R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It. See, the screenwriters behind it were the same duo behind the John Carpenter-produced Body Bags anthology from back in 1993, and according to recent interview with iF Magazine, there’s some talk of doing another. Check it out;

“We are in talks with John about expanding the movie into a TV series and will know shortly if it’s going to happen.” Co-writer Dan Angel told the mag, ”Dan and my brain are full of twisted creepy stories that would work for that project. I’m not sure about John coming back as the coroner, but he’d certainly be welcome.” followed up Billy Brown.

Personally I always thought Body Bags just hit at too weird a time for horror to be truly appreciated; now would be ideal to bring it back. The duo also discuss a series they’re working on with Tobin Bell (who stars in Don’t Think About It) called Shock Treatment, and a few other scripts they’re hoping to get made, including one about skateboarding vampires. Hey if they can surf, they damn well better be able to skate!

Check out the whole interview to fill your head with knowledge!

Johnny Butane

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