Meet the Beaters of Sickcom: The American Nightmare by Comedy Genius Robert Rhine

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Have you ever watched “Married with Children”, “Family Guy”, or “The Munsters”? Well, “SICKCOM” is all of those shows combined… but on crack! Robert Rhine’s (Editor of Girls and Corpses magazine) “SICKCOM” is pure comedic genius! This is an animated series made for the twisted minds of the horror genre – check it out!

Synopsis from the Website
A dark mirror of society… A modern day Munsters of real family horrors… Skewering the over-trodden situation comedy format with a toe-tapping theme song, laugh track and plenty of side-splitting yucks for the whole family! [Bring up laugh track] Coming soon on the FUX Family Channel… “SICKCOM”.

Where the American dream… is the American nightmare.

In a quiet cul-de-sac in Valencia, California, beneath the sycamore trees, live the Beaters, just your average, typical American family, with a loving committed father, LLOYD; a homemaker and mother, NANCY; and three adorable kids: JENNY, TOMMY, and newborn BABY-CAKES. Let’s not forget their cuddly pet show poodle PRINCESS and their wacky molester neighbor, FATHER FRANK.

But the Beaters have a few issues. You see… Mr. Beater, Lloyd, is a serial killer. Mom, NANCY, is a dominatrix. Daughter, JENNY, has a porn webcam site. Son, TOMMY, is a drug dealer. Newborn, BABY-CAKES, is a crack addict. Pet poodle PRINCESS is rabid. And FATHER FRANK is a registered sex offender.

And they all live in a hilarious sitcom world where everything gets a laugh track on… “SICKCOM”

For more great stuff visit the “SICKCOM” website.

Watch the first episode – “Meet the Beaters”!

Meet the Beaters: The American Nightmare by Comedy Genius Robert Rhine

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