Release the Devil Hound

Werewolf: Devil's HoundI first stumbled upon word of this Synthetic Cinema production some months back under its original title Lycan and really wasn’t sure to make of it even then. It looked … Well, let me refer to you to the official synopsis first:

“Beware the Lycan… In Germany, hunters have trapped and captured the mythical lycanthrope beast and they plan to secretly ship the creature to China. Boxed away, the monster is shipped off, but, due to a shipping mistake, the crate ends up on the east coast of America. There the box is mistakenly opened by its new “owners” – a group of pyrotechnic workers who are working on a fireworks display. Inside lies the Lycanthrope, only it has reverted back to its original form – a beautiful young woman.

Within no time, the Lycan is on a killing spree and the local workers begin to get killed one by one. In the end it becomes a battle between the local workers and the mysterious beast.”

But this “Lycan” looks like a cross between the Abominable Snowman and the Shaggy D.A. There’s another lycanthrope seen in the film’s trailer: a younger guy who sort of looked to me like he could be the werewolf lead singer of a rock-a-billy band. And this secondary werewolf almost looks to be playing vigilante. Heck, check out the trailer and be sure to stay to the end when he practically punches a guy straight to the moon in a way “Honeymooner” Ralph Cramden only threatened to do to his TV wife Alice on a weekly basis.

Fangoria reports that Lionsgate Home Entertainment has picked up Lycan and already slotted it for a December 4th DVD release under its new, and quite frankly silly, title: Werewolf: The Devil’s Hound. I mean really now… the devil’s hound? I will say the box art is quite snazzy and yet quite misleading given what you’ll see in the trailer and given that the film is self-described as “part out-right terror flick, part tongue-in-cheek homage to classic horror films”. The box art they’ve put together is great yet looks like something that would be more befitting a more serious, horrific werewolf tale or even that long in-the-works big screen version of Marvel Comic’s Werewolf By Night. At least they’re not wasting it on another Ulli Lommel flick.

The Foywonder

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