DVD Releases: Sounds Like Death

Another big list of digital goodness for Tuesday, September 18th, 2007…

Click to see it bigger!Alligator (1980)
Directed by Lewis Teague

Now this, fiends and neighbors, is what a giant monster movie should be. Or is this a nature gone amok movie? I don’t know the difference here; it’s about a gator, flushed down the toilet when it was tiny, who grows up on the corpses of dogs that have been injected with growth hormones and becomes 30 feet long. Then he does what every perfect killing machine does; eats anything that is in its way. Good effects, excellent acting and a script that never dumbs it down. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore! Check out our DVD review of Alligator for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance (2007)
Directed by Uwe Boll

Is it possible that, just maybe, Boll got it right this time with his story of a half human, half vampire out to clean up a small town in the Wild West? Nope. Yet another jumbled mess is what early reports are indicating; full of bad characters, too many clichés and a female hero who can’t even defeat bad buys without the help of a bunch of men. Its too bad, too, since there’s a lot of potential in this franchise. Maybe it just needs to be handed over to someone else… Read our DVD review of Bloodrayne 2 for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972)
Directed by Bob Clark

How sad, the man responsible for this film is no longer with us. It was really a tragedy when he and his son were killed by a moronic drunk driver a few months back, but we can help celebrate his life with this new, super polished release of his first classic movie! I know it seems odd to celebrate someone’s life with a movie like this, but don’t question it, damnit. The film is about a group of friends who perform a necromantic ritual on a remote island and the dead who come back to eat them because of it! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Closure (2007)
Directed by Dan Reed

How weird; Gillian Anderson in a rape/revenge movie? I wouldn’t have seen it coming, but at least she’s stretching her boundries. The film finds a middle-class woman and a security guard getting viciously attacked by violent gun runners who beat him and gang rape her. Both survive, and decide instead of taking it to the cops that they will get their own kind of revenge; vigilante! That’s really the best kind anyway, don’t you think? That whole instant gratification thing. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Dead One (2007)
Directed by Brian Cox

Fez … as an undead superhero? That’s still weird to me, but I’ll take it. Based on the comic El Muerto, this is the tale of 21-year old Diego, who wanders the streets of LA looking for a human sacrifice that will please the Aztec Gods who control his very soul. How’s that for a pick up line? Of course, what they want for blood is the only thing he cares about in the world, his girl Maria, so he’s got to fight the Gods in order to control his soul again and allow his lovely lady to live. With nary a joint in site, too! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Dorm of the Dead (2007)
Directed by Jeff Leroy

Wow, an epic zombie movie set in college revolving around the vapid, empty-headed girls who inhabit it. What will they think of next? The story is about two high society snobs who want to settle some score with a couple of goth chicks. Cuase you know, they’re different. Another girl (the lovely Tiffany Shepis!) accidentally unleashes a zombie plague on their college campus, and the popular girls see this as the perfect opportunity to delve our revenge. But man, goth chicks are way smarter than that, you know? Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Final Draft (2007)
Directed by Jonathan Dueck

Maybe it isn’t the best idea, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, to complete isolate yourself from the outside world. Nonetheless, that’s just what the screenwriter does in Final Draft, holing himself up in his apartment so he can finish his latest script, which will solve his money problems. When he starts inserting elements of his past, which include a horribly disfigured clown, things go from frustrating to bad to down right deadly. Click here to check out our exclusive clip from Final Draft for a taste of what you’re in for! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof (2007)
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Finally the first of the double features that were released as Grindhouse comes home, and at least it’s in the order that the films should’ve been shown in theaters. Death Proof, while too slow to get going for many, features one of the best car chases ever filmed, interesting characters like only Tarantino can make them, and the flat-out best head on collision that you will ever see put to film. It doesn’t hurt that the DVD is packed with tons of good stuff, either. A no-brainer buy! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!In the Site (2007)
Directed by ?

I couldn’t find out who directed this, indeed there was very little info out there about it at all, but I can tell you that it’s about girl who is getting a medical treatment in a hospital when she comes across a little boy wandering the halls. When she gets home she gets a message on her computer that transfers her to a parallel dimension where she has to solve the mystery of the boy’s death in order to get back home. I think. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Insatiable (2007)
Directed by Chuck Konzelman

Let’s see, a goth looking girl crawling at us through a pool of blood with an odd reflection in it … I’m guessing vampire movie? If you were, too, you’d be right! Sean Patrick Flannery stars as a man who witnesses a vampire take down and bum and becomes so infatuated with her that he captures her, keeping her in his basement so she can’t kill again. But what will happen when she becomes thirsty for blood? Definitely nothing good, that’s for sure. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Italilan Giallo Collectio
Directed by Various

As opposed to, say, the Mexican Giallo Collection? Despite the redundancy of the box set’s title, it definitely is a great way to start off any giallo collection, for young old. Included are Dario Argento’s The Bird With Crystal Plumage, Mario Bava’s Blood & Black Lace and Anthony Bido’s Watch Me When I Kill. All of these titles are significant in the world of giallos for their own reasons, and all are necessary viewing to see the genre at its true height. I couldn’t find any special features, so don’t go in expecting the world, but this is a damn fine starter kit. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Jekyll
Directed by Various

Tom Jackman is the only living descendent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who in the world of this BBC series was a real person and not someone who was just made up by Robert Louis Stevenson. He’s made a deal with his dark side to share their body in return for some modicum of peace, but he still has to keep the fact that he has a family hidden from his dark side. He utilizes all the most modern technologies to keep his evil half in check, unaware that an ancient organization with unlimited wealth and resources are doing the same, and a century-old plan is finally coming to fruition. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Masters of Horror: Sounds Like (2007)
Directed by Brad Anderson

Probably one of my favorite episodes from last season, mainly because it was so very different from all the others, “Sounds Like” is the story of a man with incredibly sensitive hearing. He’s suffering from some major guilt due to the loss of his son, and it begins effect every aspect of his life. His wife is driving him crazy, his co-workers think he’s perverted and overall life is just not good. Told in that bleak, depressing way only Anderson really can pull off with ease. Check our DVD review of “Sounds Like” for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Masters of Horror: The Wasingtonians (2007)
Directed by Peter Medak

This is another Masters of Horror I never got a chance to see, but I have to admit the premise was intriguing. A modern-day scientist finds a letter from George Washington that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and the rest of the founding fathers were cannibals. When they try to take the information to the world, however, they’re blocked at all turns by a group called The Washingtonians, who will stop at nothing to keep the country’s dirty little secret just that. Directed by The Changeling helmer Peter Medak from a story by Bentley Little! Check our DVD review of “The Washingtonians” for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Ritual: Blood Bonds (2005)
Directed by Michael Evanichko

Wow, it took some digging to find info on this one. And I seriously doubt it was worth it, other than to fill you guys in on why you might not want to check this out. The story is of Camille, whose entire life was ruined after a head-on collision killed her husband and left her severely scared. She is about to give up all hope when she meets a satanic cult leader (I’m sure it says that on his business cards) who tells her she can make it right by sacrificing the person who hit her many years earlier. She tries, she messes up, and all hell breaks loose. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Roger Corman Collection
Directed by Roger Corman

Is it coincidence that this comes out the same week the first of the Grindhouse films are released? I doubt it, especially when you see that the packaging design is somewhat similar. But this is the real deal, folks; Cheesy movies, shot on the cheap for the pure and American intention of making a shitload of money. And for the most part, it worked! Included here are A Bucket of Blood, Bloody Mama, Premature Burial, The Wild Angels, The Trip, The Young Racers, Gas-s-s and X. Get it and see what true grindhouse movies were all about! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!The Victim (2006)
Directed by Monthon Arayangkoon

Man, those Thai and their crazy names; just look at that director’s name. Freaky. Anyway, this latest release from Tartan tells of an aspiring actress who is hired by the police to reenact the death of a very famous beauty queen. Thinking it certainly can’t hurt anything she jumps at the chance, but everytime she tries to reenact the part she experiences all the pain and suffering the victim actually went through. She is then enticed to solve the mystery of the woman’s death herself, which is never a good idea, especially in Thailand. Check our DVD review of The Victim for more! Buy it here!

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