Richard Stanley Joins The Profane Exhibit

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We’ve been following the progress of upcoming anthology film The Profane Exhibit pretty closely around these parts, and now that word has come that Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil, The Theatre Bizarre) has joined the team, we’re even more excited!

From the Press Release
Richard Stanley joins The Profane Exhibit with a segment entitled “Coltan”, which is an unflinching look into darkest Africa, where human life is traded for fortune and the most unspeakable atrocities are committed. In addition, Stanley’s segment will be scored by award-winning composer Simon Boswell.

Also joining producers David Bond and Manda Manuel’s The Profane Exhibit is horror novelist Ray Garton, who is creating the novella that will serve as the wraparound story in the film.

Deep within the underbelly of Paris there is a club which is the home of a secret, wicked society. At first it resembles an ordinary fetish or Goth nightclub, but inside the cavernous building are many hidden rooms, one of which is known as “The Room of Souls,” a private gathering place of the world’s richest and most evil people. Their host is the elegant yet frightening Madame Sabatier. For their amusement each member takes a turn and spins a true tale of depravity:

  • A good wife learns that her husband goes out at night to abduct and murder young women
  • A botched suicide attempt leads to a drug-induced dream
  • A girl is believed to be possessed by a demon, and her overly religious parents enlist the help of a corrupt reverend who has his own sinister plans
  • We are invited inside the deranged mind of a respected surgeon as he takes us on a guided tour of life, death, and everything in between
  • A young street prostitute crosses paths with a charismatic flesh trader and is forced to take an unspeakable journey of sex, violence, and murder
  • A nun is abducted off the streets of Rome and held captive for over a year, turning her into a feral, murderous creature to be unleashed on society
  • A chance encounter on a fateful bus ride for an unsuspecting girl who dreams of riches and fame is her undoing
  • A man picks up a woman in a nightclub and soon finds himself at the mercy of a cult of women who believe consumption of their sacrifice will bring them to their highest form of female dominance

    It truly is a profane world, and this is THE PROFANE EXHIBIT. There are no boundaries.

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    The Profane Exhibit Anthology Film

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    Debi Moore

    I'll see you on the other side...

    • James Coker

      oh 🙁

    • James Coker

      HARDWARE 2 !?!?!?

      • The Woman In Black

        That would be nice indeed, but I’m talking about the next big announcement from The Profane Exhibit camp.

    • The Woman In Black

      If you guys are happy about Stanley joining this project, just wait until their next big announcement. The producers gave us the lowdown a little early (contracts are being signed now), and we couldn’t be more excited!

    • James Coker

      dude I’m just happy Richard Stanley is just directing again, HARDWARE is probably the best Kille Robot movie ever made

    • Caterpillar

      It’s a real bummer that Stanley can’t get a new feature off the ground. Guess we’ll have to make do with these short films for now.